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Upcoming Discord Role Prompt Feature — Everything You Need To Know

Discord Jul 11, 2022

Third-party bots have recently been overhauled with the new Discord built-in features coming in. Discord has already eliminated the needs for bots with automod features, verification screen, and more. It looks like now is the time for a built-in self roles system.

Discord is experimenting with a popular feature already mastered by Discord bots. But, as we know it, native integrations of systems like these is the best way to move forward for any community. Today we are taking a look at the all new Discord Role Prompt feature.

📢 This feature is currently in experimental mode (not even in the BETA stage). There is no guarantee whether this feature is going to make its way to the stable Discord client. Everything mentioned in this article is subject to change, please take the following with a grain of salt.

What is the Discord Role Prompt feature?

This new feature will allow server owners and admins to set up role prompts. More popularly known as self roles or self assignable roles.

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These are types of ranks that members are able to choose to have. These may have their own merits and demerits, but most commonly used for notification roles, color roles, and pronoun roles.

So far we’ve been working around this system with reactions (react with emoji to get role), commands (run x command to get y role), and the latest interactions with buttons and drop downs.

If you’re willing to learn more about self-assignable role systems, I recommend this article.

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How Discord Role Prompts/Self-assign roles work?

Thanks to Spirit#3870 on the Netcord Discord server for these screenshots. We can analyze the screenshots and take a guess on how these are going to work.

Image by Spirit#3870

In the role management window, there is another tab next to the main roles page. Each new prompt is considered to be a “question”. This is how a question looks:

You are able to choose which roles you’d like the user to choose as an answer to your question. There are also two check marks which prompt you some very useful configurations. You can also make it compulsory for new members to choose a role from a particular question as soon as they join.

Of course, choosing the role answer would give you the role — which can have its own further settings, completing the self-roles assignment.

How is it going to replace our reaction roles/self roles?

There are many reasons why hundreds of thousands of Discord users would pick Role Prompts by Discord over any other bots with any other systems. Let’s break down the reasons one-by-one.

Easier to use

Maybe not the easiest system for new users. But it will be much easier for new Discord users to grasp than setting up bots. Also, Discord content on YouTube will have tutorials about a central feature rather than 100s of tutorials showing how to set up 100 different bots.

Built-in: no need to install anything

That’s all — thanks!

We are very excited about this feature and how it is going to turn out when its finally ready. I hope Discord releases this feature, its going to take a while to adapt to the new systems but it is going to be worth it.

What are your thoughts on the Discord Role Prompt Feature? Let us know — here!

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