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Can Discord Ever Completely Replace Our Bots?

Discord Jul 25, 2022

But at the same time, we have seen Discord work on new moderation and community tools natively inside the platform. Tools like AutoMod eliminates the need for bot-powered auto moderation systems.

But can built-in Discord features ever really replace our bots?

Let's look at the new moderation tools that may or may not replace our beloved bots.

Raid Tools

Yes, Discord is indeed working on raid-prevention tools. To start off, you can directly "Report" a raid happening in a Discord server. This feature is out for everyone using the Canary Client of Discord.

Reason for Ban

You no longer need to type out the entire reason when banning someone. There are now two options you can instantly click to provide the reason.

Oh "what about the ?ban @User Reason command", you say? Well, Discord also has a built in ban slash command with all the options you are looking for.

Everything you'd expect from a basic mod bot, Discord has it.



There is /ban and /kick sure, but there is no way to warn/strike a user with the built in features. But then again, the rest of the features make up for this one.


A perfect and robust AutoMod system is handed to us on a silver platter. This is one of the best features Discord has implemented in the recent months. This is the easiest way you can filter out unwanted message content from your Discord server. And the feature is a lot flexible, you can customize it exactly how you want it.

Member Verification:

You can verify users with 'membership screening' feature. In this feature, upon joining the server, the member has to agree to the rules and pass the security requirements before they are given access to send messages or DM anyone in that server.

Security (Safety Setup)

The server-security system is actually pretty robust if you think about it. There are 5 levels of verification level and 3 levels of media scanning. Let's keep in mind that Discord bots aren't able to detect nudity or NSFW content in attachments so Discord does have the upper hand on this.

Raid Protection (Upcoming)

According to a recent post by Discord Previews, a pause invites feature will be coming to Discord. This is a very useful and smart thing to do in case of a server raid. This will immediately block new joining accounts from joining the server as all invites get (temporarily) disabled.

Will I be kicking off moderation bots in my server?

Probably not.

There are still some things that Discord should add.

Built-in Moderation Features Discord Should Add

Separate Moderation Logging

Even though Audit logs and the "Bans" tab exists on the server settings, it would be great to have more information on the ban on that tab. Right now it only shows the user banned and the reason they were banned for. I'd really appreciate if we had more information like who they were banned by and the timestamp or how long they have been banned for.

Timed Bans

I know some Discord bots can do this but, it would be nice to have built-in timed bans like that of Twitch. "You have been banned for 1 day". This could be a substitute to strikes.

Membership Role

Perhaps, after completing membership screening, there could be an option for us to set a role for the members that have successfully verified.

Built-in Modmail

For something that is based on communities like Reddit and Twitch, it's a shame to not have a built-in message system for each server to contact staff for support, report, or anything. I think this is a great potential feature.

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What features should Discord Add?

Would you replace your moderation bots with Discord? Let us know!

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