Discord Profiles Just Got A New Look

Discord News Oct 29, 2022

It's been spreading like wildfire this week, so time for me to tell you all about it: Discord Profiles have just received a massive cosmetic makeover. That's about all the introduction you need to this article, so let's just get straight into it!

Before I start, Profile Themes –in true Discord style– are only available to Nitro Regular subscribers.
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What's Changed?

A lot, really. There's been changes on both Mobile and Desktop; some more noticeable than others.

The main big change, however, is Profile Themes! Profile Themes are the colourful gradients that you see popping up on people's profiles. I'll have a dedicated section on Profile Themes later in this article, but first, I'll do a Changelog of everything new for each different Profile. So let's go!

Mobile Changes

Profiles on Mobile have had more a cosmetic refresh, rather than groundbreaking features added, so I'll start with them.

Firstly,we see that items are surrounded by outline boxes. I believe this is so text - such as your About Me, Connections etc - are still readable. It also creates a safe area for Discord to be able to automagically recolour the text to Black if you have a lighter Profile Theme, or White for darker themes.

We can also see that Discord are experimenting with several new looks on Mobile too:

  • Content in your About Me is now displayed in a smaller font size
  • Your Member Since information is now displayed, with the Discord logo showing your Account's birthday, and the Server Icon showing the latest date on which you joined that particular server.
    For example, if you joined a server last Saturday, but left and rejoined today, Member Since would show today's date.
  • Your Listening to Spotify status seems to almost blend in better. Personally, I always used to think Spotify statuses on Mobile looked a bit jarring.
  • You now have options to Unmute your microphone and interact with any server Apps directly from your profile.

PC Changes

Let's now move over onto PC and dissect the changes there. I'm going to split up PC into 2 different sub-categories: Mini and Main.

Main Profiles

Main Profiles haven't received many changes, so I'll quickly go over them before getting into the depths of the Mini Profile revamps. In fact, I think the only change to Main Profiles is the support for Profile Themes.


Let me starting by clarifying, by Mini Profiles, I mean the Profile card that appears when you click on your name from Member List on the right hand side of a server. And a lot has been changed here, so get your dissection scalpel ready!

Your Mini-Profile (also referred to as a Profile Card)

First up, similar to Mobile, for users with customised Profile Themes, Roles now show in a colour safe box, so that the font colour can be auto-adjusted to still be readable for users with unique themes.

Arguably, since more people look at your Mini Profile compared to your Main, this is where your cool Profile Theme will see the most traffic! Make sure it looks cool!

Also on your Mini Profile, we see that buttons on your Activity Statues will change colour to contrast with your theme! For example, the background of the Play on Spotify button on my profile has changed to Purple to contrast the Orange background of my theme!

Profile Themes

As I touched on at the start of this article, Profile Themes are the new ability to customise the background colour of your Profile.

Before, everyone was limited to the default Discord grey, whereas now Nitro Regular subscribers can choose up to two colours to express their true selves in colour form!

You can also customise your Profile Theme globally (so that's every server - the default theme basically), or per-server by customising your Server Profile.

Your default Profile Theme is based on your Profile Picture: the two most popular colours will combine to make a gradient. However, if your profile picture is mostly one colour, you'll likely default to a static colour instead of a gradient on your Profile Theme.

No bother though, to change our Profile Theme, we can just hop on PC!

Yes, for now, Profile Themes can only be customised on PC. Sorry Mobile users...

Customising your Profile Theme

To customise your Profile Theme, head over to User Settings > Profiles

From here, we can select the Primary and Accent Colour for our Profile Theme. Discord will even helpfully suggest some colours that they think will go well with your profile picture. These suggestions will appear when you click the Colour Picker - pictured below.

  • To customise your Global Profile Theme, make sure you are on the User Profile Tab
  • To change your Profile Theme in a specific server, click to the Server Profiles tab and select the designated server from the drop-down list.

You can see there that I set my Profile Theme for the Netcord HQ server to a fiery Black and Orange colour set, whilst my global profile remained as my Purple theme to match my Profile Picture and personal branding.

Well, what's my opinion?

So, that's it for the latest Discord cosmetic Profile refresh. Personally, I like what they're doing - Profile Themes definitely bring a wave of colour to a very grey space.

However, I'm not quite sure I agree with locking Profile Themes behind a Nitro paywall. Obviously, yes Discord has been adding lots of new features for Nitro users, but I think that there are users who can't afford Nitro that want to customise some aspect of their profile, beside their profile picture.

I am aware though that this is just my opinion, and yours may differ from mine. Continue this debate in the Thread for this article over on the Netcord HQ Discord server!

But for now, I hope you enjoyed reading today's article and hope you learned a lot about the new Discord profile themes! I'll be back soon, but for now, Epic out! ✌️

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