Custom Profile Themes Are Coming To Discord

Discord Aug 28, 2022
Discord is working on a profile customization feature that will let you theme your profile

Discord profiles have been updated recently and looks like Discord is adding more customizability. With the addition to Profile Banner (Animatable) and About Me, users are hyped for more profile customization features.

And Discord will not disappoint us as new Datamine comments and screenshots of this new feature surface the internet. This time, Discord seems to be working on Profile Themes. From what we've seen and what we're going to show you, the feature looks mostly complete so it shouldn't be long before they're on the large BETA rollout for users.

What are Discord Profile Themes

Discord's Profile Themes feature is going to be a new way to personalize and modify your Discord user account profile.

Primary and Accent Color

The way these Profile Themes can be customized is with the help of two colors. There are two color prompts in your profile settings labelled PRIMARY and ACCENT.

These colors determine the background of your profile card. The PRIMARY color is the starting point of your background gradient and the ACCENT color is the bottom color point of this gradient. The gradient will start at the bottom your profile banner to the bottom of the entire profile card.

Ask any designer and they'll tell you – this isn't how 'accent' colors work.

Seemingly, Discord also plans to add a border of the same colors you chose.

What's more, Discord plans to contain the content information of the profile in a separate, darker box with rounded corners with just a hint of the colors showing in the background. The badges are getting a background too.

Nitro Only

From the screenshots we were provided, it seems that the feature is going to be Nitro only. Which version of Nitro is uncertain however, our guess is that it is going to be Nitro Regular worth $9.99 USD/month.

More Information

At the time of writing this article, this feature is not out for everyone yet. Information here may be outdated if Discord decides to change certain parts of this feature.

It is uncertain whether this theme would continue throughout everywhere your profile is shown. As far as we see, we have only founded sources with screenshots of this feature in the smaller, pop-out style card view of user profiles.

Do you think the profile theme will be visible in the main profile similarly like in the pop out card?

Can we set different profile themes for each server? What about images as profile background themes?

Questions like these will probably be answered after this feature is out for testing to fellow Discord users. Anyways, that's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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What are your thoughts on this feature?

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