Premium App Subscriptions: The End of Patreon?

Discord Bots Oct 28, 2022

Discord are on a mad rush at the minute to natively support cool features for Bot Developers. They recently launched a new App Directory to make the more than 500,000 apps on the platform easier to manage and more accessible to new users, and now they've natively added support for Premium bots...
Let's unpack this then shall we

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Discord plans to offer Premium App Subscriptions to developers to allow them to easily monetize their content within Discord itself.

Discord hopes this new feature will appeal to the community and developers will help generate enough subscription revenue to keep the platform a free-to-use service, while also making Discord a place developers believe will someday generate a potential revenue stream.

What are Premium App Subscriptions?

Premium App Subscriptions are monthly subscriptions to the developers of an app. In return for your money, you get cool new features. Premium can be subscribed to by any member of a server to enable upgraded functionality and more commands for the app in that server.

The app developer can divide subscriptions up into tiers. Each tier is capable of having its own unique price and features. Any perks can be added, and these could range from anything like custom branding to better logging. The sky is the limit for what the developers are capable of adding!

Premium Apps, like Nitro, are billed every month. This means that you are able to cancel your subscription at any time and you will receive the perks until your next billing date, when your Premium will expire.

How to Upgrade to a Premium Subscription?

Discord's official Premium App Subscription FAQ highlights 4 main ways to upgrade to the Premium version of an app:

  • Through the App Directory: If you’re an admin, start by heading over to the App Directory page for the app that you’d like to subscribe to! Once you’re on the page, head to the Premium tab and you’ll see the Premium option settings. Then press on the Upgrade button to start the subscription process.
  • On the bot's profile by pressing the Upgrade button.
  • Attempting to run a Premium-only command - an error message will pop up with a button prompting you to upgrade.
  • [Admins only] In the integration settings menu, you’ll see the option to subscribe
Source: Discord

After this, there is going to be a new window where you can check your premium app subscription godsends. Then after pressing Enter, a pop-up (similar to the one received when buying Nitro) will appear where you can select your payment method for the subscription. Once you have filled in the payment information, press the Get Premium button to confirm your payment and subscription.

Image from, Premium App Subscriptions FAQ Article, by Potato @Discord

Finally, a confirmation message will appear, alerting you that the payment was successful, and that your perks are now active! Helpfully, it will also tell you the date of your recurring subscriptions, so you know when you need to have enough money in that account.

You can inspect your Premium App Subscription on the desktop app. To do that, head into the Subscriptions tab within your User Settings. Scroll down to the Premium App subscription section and then press on the Manage Subscriptions button.

Source: Discord

In the Manage Subscriptions tab, you’ll now be able to view your active Premium App subscriptions and handle, view, or revoke the individual subscriptions within this menu.

My personal opinion is...

I think this will be a game-changer for the Discord platform. This will change the way regular paywall systems work in bots, which I think is an amazing feature.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss this topic further or even suggest new articles!

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