How To Pick Your Discord Character — What exactly are they?

Discord Jul 8, 2022

Did you know Discord has its own official profile pictures set from their 140+ official characters that you can set in your account, right now.

Ever heard of the name “Phibi” in Discord? Yeah, she’s a frog character designed by Discord. The purpose of this character (and tens more) is to be used in promotional banners, assets, chat mock ups, etc. What’s more, Discord actually released profile pictures of all of these characters that you can set in Discord without ever downloading them.

What Are the Official Discord Profile Pictures?

Discord uses a bunch of characters in their promotional videos, in profile mock-ups in their websites, or whenever there is a need to show “a Discord user”. The smart move definitely was to use cute little illustrations, because its really hard to get actual employee head shots — and really unpleasant to look at jeez. As of right now, there are over 140+ Discord characters and more coming in as we speak. And mind you, each has its own name.

Where Do I Find Discord Characters?

There is an excellent Figma community file, made by Bred and Jace. These profile pictures are in vector format. Which, in case you didn’t know, is a file format specializing in the ability that it does not loose its resolution no matter how much you scale it up or down. Making them the perfect file format for logos, website content, and character designs.

Discord Profile Pictures | Figma Community
Figma Community file - What?When creating products that employ user profile pictures, it’s hard to avoid using images of real people because it’s so easy to do and doesn’t really matter in the long run, though I see using stock photos of real people makes the product look very serious and strict.D…

Easy Way to Get Official Discord Profile Pictures in IOS

With a recent update in the Discord IOS application, users can now select their Discord character in the account making process — if you’re signing up in the IOS app.

Discord avatar selection panel in IOS

If you have an IOS device and creating a new account on Discord, lucky you because, you can get these profile pics in the most efficient way. Now you know where these profile pics are from! Hopefully this should reduce the sheer amount of these posts:

Where do these pfps and their variants come from. Whenever I ask someone about them I get blocked… from discordapp

For non-IOS users, I recommend going through the Figma community file to get the images in the highest quality possible.

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