Discord Releases Official Community Resource Page

Discord Jun 19, 2022

Discord releases a brand new page on their website full of useful resources for your Discord community. Get started from A-Z guide and everything in between.

Buckle up, its time to build a community the official way. Trust me when I say this: building a community is not easy. The exact moment you hit “Create Server” on Discord, that single decision may change your life. It may change the lives of thousands.


Your baby steps from that decision onward — matters. Your responsibility, your integrity, and your efforts will shape a particular community. Discord have divided the entire process of running and shaping a community into four parts: build, engage, grow, and manage.

Community Resources

Running an online community is now easier than ever with Discord’s global reach. While the Discord Blog have been significantly helpful with every aspect of building a community, the useful articles still didn’t have a home all this time. Now, with this page, you are given a step-by-step course like journey to the magic of community. This is the new perfect way to learn about running a community. As Discord themselves said there:

Experience the magic of community. Build, engage, grow, and manage your server into a community where anyone can find belonging.


This section contains the vital “building” part of your new home. Starting from setting up your Discord server to securing it and everything in between. This section contains a guide to the basic server development and the setup of your server. For example curating your channels, usage of categories, and setting up community roles, how to enable community features and its features.

And our two cents on this would be to check out discord.com/inspiration Discord provides some templates officially made by them. Depending on your community you may find something you like there.


This section is the 2nd part to running a community and one of the most important. Building a community is easy, in fact, you will find yourself always making changes. But getting the community to engage in your server is harder than it may look. We highly recommend giving these articles a read if you’re community is struggling to stay active.


What’s a community if no one knows it exists? Your next step is to grow your community to reach more and more people that are within interest to your community niche. Learn how to promote and grow your server through member referrals, server insights, and community events.


This is the final and the most essential part of the page. This starts with how to write server rules and keep it safe, assigning moderators, and working your way to scaling the moderation and community support.

Other Community Resources

Did you know Discord’s own DMA (Discord Moderator Academy) articles contain great information about community management and engagement. That too, in maximum detail. They are always updating the articles to give you the best of the best. And I believe that makes DMA one of the best community resource you can find.

Check out DMA: discord.com/moderation

There are also tons of great unofficial resources that may be worth checking out. For example, we, Netcord publish new articles about Community Moderation, Management, and Growth. Check us out netcord.site.

Discord Resource Wiki is the one-stop-shop for everything when it comes to Discord resources. Displace, for all things Discord meta. Community Architects will help you build your server, shape your community, and get opinions on your works by other like-minded Discord users. And a lot more!

That’s all!

What’s your favorite unofficial Discord resource? Let’s discuss — here!

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