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Discord is Removing Nitro Classic (& replacing it with Nitro Basic)

Discord Aug 9, 2022

Ever since Discord Nitro got introduced, the Nitro Classic subscription has divided the community into two halves.

For many, Discord Nitro Classic is an absolute bargain. For $4.99 per month, you get access to global & animated emojis, stickers, and a 50MB upload limit as opposed to 8MB for non-Nitro subscribers. Whereas others couldn't despise it more.

However, Discord have had enough of the amount of Classic users and wish to push them into subscribing to the full (more expensive) tier of Nitro: Regular. Their method of doing this is by stripping back the features of Classic, renaming it "Basic", and lowering the price.

What perks does Nitro Basic have?

If you are active in any Discord server, or the r/DiscordApp SubReddit, you have probably seen this image floating around these last few days.

r/discordapp - Nitro plan comparison chart; Classic will be replaced with Basic
u/advaith1 on r/discord

Thanks to Advaith, we now have a screenshot of a spreadsheet that breaks down the perks of the various Nitro tiers. Essentially, Nitro Basic is Classic but renamed with a few changes to certain perks.

What I find interesting is that we see the screenshare resolution and upload limit slashed in half on the new tier.

Similarly, Nitro Basic will not have access to Custom Discriminators, Animated Profile Pictures and the 30% Boost discount offered to current Classic subscribers.

However, we see a few new perks added to the lower tier in the form of custom video backgrounds and access to Stickers (both of which are currently reserved to Nitro Regular).

This feature was originally supposed to be called Discord Nitro Lite, however, they have decided to change its name to Discord Nitro Basic.

How did this come about?

Discord Previews on Twitter, a reliable source for upcoming Discord feature leaks shared this tweet on June 10th, 2022.

Last Wednesday, they also teased us by tweeting this image of the user interface.

So, how did the community respond?

A mixed response, really. Many people are angered, and say they'll stop paying for their Nitro should Discord make these changes.

Comments section of this r/discord subreddit post

The majority of public opinions I found while researching for this article stated that they'd rather have Discord keep Classic in its current form, and add Basic as a third extra tier, for those who want less perks on a tighter budget.

Might Replace Nitro Classic

Screenshots obtained for Discord experiments and datamine suggest that Discord Nitro Basic might end up replacing Discord Nitro Classic altogether.

Via @DiscordPreviews

What about current Classic subscribers?

It's believed that they will automatically be subscribing to Nitro Basic when it's released. paying half of what they currently do. Alternatively, if they don't like or aren't happy with Basic, they can choose to subscribe to Nitro Regular for full perks (at full price, of course), or cancel their Nitro subscription outright.

When will I be offered Nitro Basic?

Discord is rolling out Nitro Basic to all users through their usual slow rollout method. This means that it starts off by being offered to 5% of users, then another 10% and so on and so forth.

Will you purchase Nitro Basic?

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