Is Nitro Basic Replacing Discord Nitro Classic?

Discord Sep 1, 2022
Why Discord Nitro Basic may or may not replace community-loved Nitro Classic. Spoiler alert: it already has.

Hints of a new Nitro tier have been floating around the Discord community for a while now. However, it was uncertain whether this new tier, supposedly called Nitro Basic, it is just another additional tier or if it will actually replace Nitro Classic altogether.

Nitro basic is a new Discord tier coming to Discord. It is going to give you some extra perks and upgrades at a cost of $2.99/month. At the time, there is no gifting option or yearly purchase option. Nitro Basic features include:

  • Animated and custom emoji everywhere
  • Stickers
  • 20 MB file limit
  • Custom video backgrounds
  • Nitro profile badge

Nothing more, nothing less. For now, this feature is only available to a number of users in the UK. They are slowly rolling out this feature to UK residents, they might roll this out globally soon.

For now, Nitro Basic is available to be purchased for UK users on Desktop and iOS apps. Users who have access to purchase it, does not have the option to purchase Nitro Classic anymore.

What will happen to Nitro Classic?

First, let's go over how we know they are getting rid of the Classic tier of Nitro. This is an image from a recent article by Discord covering Nitro Basic.

This page, seemingly the page where you select the tier of Nitro you are buying, has no existence or mention of Nitro Classic anywhere.

What will happen to existing subscribers or purchased gifts?

Discord has not given any official statement about purchased gifts or existing subscribers. In this support article by Discord, they mentioned how to change subscriptions:

More over, people have already started suffering from this change. People with months of purchased/gifted Nitro Classic gifts can't seem to claim them anymore because there is no option to subscribe to Nitro Classic anymore.

For instance, this post above shows how it's literally impossible for this person now to claim their 2 months of Nitro in their credit. Comments from the r/Discordapp community have asked them to contact Discord support. As hard as it is to get logical responses from the Discord Support Team, what exactly can they do in this scenario. They can refund the amount to the original gifter perhaps.

Basic might not replace Classic for everyone

A user asked the support team for clarifications about the tiers and they have gotten a surprising answer from them.

But then again, this response is much older than the much-recently edited article by Discord about Nitro Basic. The article suggests that it's 'currently' available to UK users.

Remember that users who have access to purchase it, does not have the option to purchase Nitro Classic anymore. So it has replaced Classic for them.

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Do you think Basic will replace Classic globally?

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