Discord's New Upload Limits for Free and Nitro Users

Discord News Oct 4, 2022

According to Discord Previews' tweet, free and Nitro users on Discord will have new and bigger upload limits!

Previously, free users were limited to 8MB per file and Nitro users were limited to 100MB per file. But now, free users can upload files up to 25MB and Nitro users can upload files up to 500MB. We hope these new limits will make it easier for everyone to upload and share their favourite files on Discord. Btw 4k Rick Roll is not cool...

Discord has secretly started upgrading its upload limit for a few users. The app is increasing its upload limits for free and Nitro users. Non-Nitro users will now be able to upload files up to 25 MB, and Nitro Regular users will be able to upload files up to 500 MB. The new upload limits will be available starting on October 10th (tentative).

This is great news for Discord users, as the increased limits will allow for better-quality photos and videos to be shared on the app. So if you’re a Discord user, be sure to update to the latest version of the app or switch to the PTB (Public Test Build) of the app.

Image depicting the prompt received by a user regarding new file upload limits | Source: Discord Experiments

Though it will still take time to get this feature to the whole mass, already many users aren't happy with Discord releasing such an important feature this late. They expressed their dissatisfaction on Reddit and Twitter.

As posted on the official Discord Reddit. | Source: Reddit


You might start thinking about what to do if you aren't able to upload a file of more than 500 MB, there are many alternatives for you to explore.  Here are a few ways to get around the Discord upload file size limit We have listed a few below-

  1. Imgur - Imgur is a free image hosting site (there's a subscription for an ad-free experience). You can upload, embed, or share images without having to create an account. The best part is that its file size limit is 200MB, twice what Discord offers with Nitro. With an Imgur account, you don’t even need Nitro if all you do is share large files

Fun Fact - Imgur actually started off as an image-sharing tool for Reddit.

2.  8mb.video - 8MB Video Compressor is a free video compressor service online. Unlike desktop software, it does not ask you to download or install any software. One disadvantage is compressing a video can take time, sometimes around 10 minutes.

3.  Google Drive - This method isn’t the best for videos, but there are times when you want to send over an entire book or other large files that exceed Discord’s limits by at least 10 times. That’s when Google Drive comes in handy.

Unlike the other services, Google Drive’s single upload limit is a whopping 5 TB. But if you want to upload that entire limit, you’ll need several days before the upload is complete, as the daily limit is 750GB.

Thus, Google Drive or another cloud service is the best choice if you have gigantic files.

For a GIF you’ve made, you can also upload it to Tenor, which Discord actively supports. When your GIF is on Tenor, you can send it out to everyone, as it’s not uploading your file via Discord.

Tenor works via links, which is why you can use it without worry.

In the end, there’s no native bypass to get around Discord’s file size limit. These are only alternative ways to send other users files, and Discord can be made to work with that. But know that manipulating Discord’s code is illegal, as it breaks the Terms of Service.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Discord imposes upload file size limits to promote Nitro, but even Nitro can’t handle some large video files. That’s why these bypasses are essential to know, especially through Imgur. Google Drive is also a great choice, especially for files the former can’t handle.

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