Discord Certified Moderators Are Now Moderator Programs Alumni

Discord News Dec 6, 2022

We all know the popular blurple badge that shows a shield filled with 50% blurple, but suddenly we have noticed that the badge has changed its look and even the name has been updated. You might not expect some confessions here but let us dive in.

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Discord Moderator Academy

Discord is used by thousands of people around the world, we tend to have fun and use it for our good in many ways but still, we need to be conscious of security, privacy, and safety. Although Discord is a fun place for everyone to meet, maintaining a safe community is very important. This is why we need Moderators to help keep a community clean and safe for everyone.

Moderators are a key part of making communities great and a place where people want to gather.

For this reason, Discord opened a moderator program for experienced moderators to give a shot. They have a bunch of questions that open doors to see your knowledge in moderation. If they qualify, they get a Certified Moderator badge on their profile.

Source: https://discord.com/blog/announcing-our-latest-profile-badge-the-certified-discord-moderator

Gaining Knowledge with lessons

Discord has a vast resource of articles that takes the role of having lessons for essential topics. Once you have completed understanding and analysing all the lessons, you will be able to give the Moderator Exam a shot. But only learning doesn't complete it, you will have to know to apply it in the chat application and contribute towards moderation.

After applying, Discord will review it (which make take weeks/months), if you pass the exam, you will be contacted and will be given access to the Discord Moderators Discord server. You will have to show your skills, share knowledge with other fellow members, and be active within the community. If you follow these for atleast 3 months, Discord tells us that the user is eligible to get the badge, although this is not guaranteed as there are some factors that need to be viewed before giving you the badge.

End of the program

Over time, there had been a bump in the queue, and Discord had taken a decision to pause the academy program and "tidy up things on their side" as they always say. For the change to be noticeable, the badge color has been changed to orange from blurple. The existing certified moderators belong to what is now called Moderators Program Alumni. The certified moderator badge is no longer obtainable for now and no one can take the moderator exam.

But still, Discord never stopped people from learning moderation. You can continue to learn moderation through the same lessons by starting off by going to this page.

Discord Moderator Academy
A comprehensive resource for learning about moderation and managing online communities.

Members' assumption

People now feel that Discord has just closed this program, made the existing certified moderators as alumni and might reopen a fresh moderation academy with some things updated just like the Early Developer Badge. If you take that scenario, Discord closed the Verified Developer Badge and renamed it to Early Developer Badge. Recently, they opened another program that gives us the Active Developer badge that revolves around the same topic, Developing.

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