The New Discord 'Message Requests' Feature, Explained

Discord Sep 2, 2022
A new messaging feature has been added to Discord to combat all the spams and scams – Message Requests

You may have already seen the tab at the top of your Discord client labelled Message Requests and wondered what it meant. Well then, suppose it's time I do my job here and explain it to you! Let's go!

Disclaimer: Discord themselves claim that Message Requests is still an Experiment, and not everyone currently has this feature. If you don't have it, keep your eyes peeled and you could be getting it soon.

What are Discord Message Requests?

Simply put, the new Discord Message Requests feature takes the concept from other social media platforms, such as Instagram, that allows users to preview new direct messages and manually choose whether to accept it or not.

Message Requests aims to filter your DMs down to people you know and are willing to talk to.

If someone who you do not have on your friends list sends you a DM, Discord may automatically filter that DM into a separate “Message Requests” folder. You will need to then accept the request before being able to chat directly with the person.

Message Requests can be found by navigating to your Direct Messages and clicking on the Message Requests button. If you have an active Request, it will appear like a ping notification, except coming out from the Home button.

A preview of the Message Requests tab - Credit: Discord Blog

You can see the User Interface in action there: The person, a preview of the message and the ✔️/❌ reactions to accept or deny the message as appropriate.

Should you not wish to be able to read the message, you can disable this in User Settings > Privacy & Safety

Credit: Discord Blog
Note: I don't think they've fully released this setting yet, as I couldn't find it anywhere on my client (Win. 11, Stable)

How do I disable Message Requests?

Unfortunately, there is no way at this time to disable Message Requests across all servers at the same time. However, you can manually disable Message Requests for individual servers by clicking Server Name > Privacy Settings > Message Requests

Warning: If you disable Message Requests in a server, anyone DMing you will go straight to the top of your DM list and you'll receive the message notification, unless you have DMs turned off in that server. The old way, basically.

Approved Requests: What Happens Next?

Once you approve the request by clicking the ✔️ button, the conversation will move to the top of your DM list and you can reply and message the person like anyone else in your DMs

Denied Requests: What Happens Next?

Should you choose to deny the request by clicking the ❌ button, nothing much will happen to be honest (anticlimatic, I know!). The Message Request will disappear from your list, and the person will never know you crushed their world by denying them the opportunity for a reply from you.

Why did Discord add Message Requests?

With Message Requests, you have the option to quickly review messages from shared server members you may not have interacted with, rather than immediately receiving them in your DM list.

Let's analyse this quote from Discord's blog post regarding Message Requests. They believe that this feature is adding to their platform-wide goal of creating a safe space for users.

Message Requests allow you the chance to skim read messages from users you haven't spoken to before and decide if you want to engage in a conversation with them.

Message Requests: The Positives

  • You'll be less susceptible to falling for scams, as you won't have to interact with suspicious messages
  • It allows you the chance to see who's trying to contact you and why

Message Requests: The Negatives

  • People may not know their request got denied, and may get mad thinking you're ignoring them
  • You may still get sent scam links from people you have friended, should they get hacked

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