This Message Editing Glitch Is Still Here

Discord Aug 19, 2022

You can actually glitch the way the (edited) tag shows up when you edit a message. This glitch has been around for more than a year now and it still seems to work. Since a lot of people don't know what we're talking about, here's a screenshot.

You may have noticed that whenever you edit a message in Discord, an indicator appears that says that this message had been edited since it was posted. This indicator is supposed to be at the end of the message. Like this:

However as you can see in the first screenshot you can actually alter the way this tag looks with a simple trick. You can use this trick to mess with your friends. These tricks are not supposed to be public in an article like this, many would much rather have gatekept it.

But this is what we do in Netcord, we take a lesser known tricks and tips and bring it out to you. Keep reading to learn how to glitch your edited message.

Glitch (edited) Message

Step 1: Send any message in any channel

Send any message in any channel like you normally would. This works in text channels, voice chats, and even DMs!

Step 2: Click edit, paste special character

Go ahead and edit the message you sent, paste this character. You need to paste this special character wherever you want your (edited) tag to appear.

This 202B character is invisible in sight, if you paste it before a common space ( ), it may look like it eliminated it. Because it is basically invisible, it can be really hard to work with. I recommend simply pasting it and not making any more edits to it – if you do make sure you know where you put it.

Step 3: You're done!

You've done it. Save your edits and the message is now completely glitched.

This edit is visible to everyone – not just you – so have fun pranking your friends. Make sure you send them this article after wards and not gate keep it.

We don't know if it'll stay

This is a glitch. The way this works is that the special character you copy pasted is a character that unicode punctuation character that aligns embed content from right-to-left.

Using this in an edited message tends to glitch the way the (edited) tag shows up. But that's all it is – a glitch. It will eventually get patched. We don't know when but it will. Unless there is heavy abuse of it, which is unlikely how would you abuse this so innocent bug, it won't get removed as fast.  

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