Discord Profiles Now Publicly Show When You Joined Discord

Discord News Sep 18, 2022

Forget using /userinfo or /whois commands to find out when you succumbed to never touching grass again joined Discord. Discord now natively show your account age on your profile and today, I'll show you how to enable it and tell you everything you need to know!

Enabling Account Age

To take advantage of this latest (quite unannounced) Discord feature is quite easy: you just need to have at least one account connected to your Discord and visible on your profile. This account could be Twitter, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Valorant, PayPal or any of the other available connections.

You also need to ensure that said connection has Display on Profile enabled. 

Once you have linked one (or more) of your accounts to Discord, you will be able to click your profile and view your account's birthday!

How to Connect an Account to Discord

  • To connect an account, you just click on the icon of the app you wish to link.
  • Discord will automatically then redirect you to a login page for that app, where you enter your username and password. Alternatively, if you are already logged in on that device, it will just ask for authorisation
  • The app will work its magic
  • Et voila, a confirmation page will show and you can safely return to Discord
  • Finally, make sure the "Display on Profile" box is enabled so that your Discord Account Age can show


As of writing, your account age will appear in your Connections tab. This is, however, rumoured to be changed soon with the addition of Passports. More on that later in this article...

Community Reactions

Having a simple browse on r/discordapp reveals several posts about this topic, and I have to say, it's a very mixed reaction

Whilst some people love it, others dislike the fact you cannot disable or hide your account age as of now.

However, people are mostly concerned with the aesthetics of your big birthday bulge. Many Redditors and Discordians find it rather annoying or triggering that the account age is bigger than your account connections. Many people with OCD claim that it will ruin the symmetry in their profile connections forever due to the odd sizing.

People also agree that there would have been better places for it, such as the red dashed box in the image below.

Another fix for this will occur when Discord port this feature over to the upcoming Passports tab on your profile

New Passport Tab on User Profile from discordapp

Discord are planning on porting the connections tab over to its own section on your profile, and fixing the sizing issues.

You can see there an experimental or concept idea for another age box, but possibly for when you joined a server if you're tabbed in on that server. This would even out the sizing issues and revert profiles back to their previous desired symmetry.

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