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Discord Just Replaced The Lock Command Forever – Here’s how to enable it

Discord Jul 7, 2022

Most of us have probably used a “lock” command which uses a bot to lock a channel — But Discord has a way to do it without a bot and it works 10x faster; But how?

For the longest time in Discord history, people have had to lock their server for various reasons — that being it's a raid, a revamp, or just to cool it off. No matter what it is, this new way of locking your server will increase your moderation experience by 1000%.

In this article, we’ll be going through

Bot powered !lock command

Locking your server using a bot like Carl-bot might be the easiest way of doing it but it has many flaws with it:

Firstly, it un-syncs the permissions from its category which, in itself is a huge problem — if you want to edit your permissions while it's locked, it won’t follow the permissions the category has set.

Secondly, you have to lock each channel manually which is a highly tedious task to do — it doesn’t take long for users to quickly catch on when they realise #chat is locked but the other channels aren't.

Thirdly, if your “Members” role has the ‘Send Messages’ permission, it will nullify the command usage at all, on top of that, it won't work when muting users singularly as well.

Overall, this method makes all your permissions inconsistent, it’s very slow and inefficient, it can be useful if you have never locked your server before and this already works for you — but using the in-built Discord permissions can require you to never ever need to worry about lock/mute permissions again.

So — What is this “new Discord feature” then?

Well… I lied— It’s not really a feature, but it is a really advanced yet straightforward permission set which can lock your entire server for the member view in one switch, the best part about this — you can adjust who can type in each channel and who doesn’t without a single x in the channel/category overrides.

Permission setup:

In role settings:

What your role settings should look like

In channel settings:

These are what your channel settings should look like. There is no need to add permissions as they are already inherited from the roles deeming the extra channel settings useless

Now here’s the key part…

When you want to lock your server, you don’t need to go through a long process of doing it — instead, you can just toggle one switch in the roles settings of the server:

Toggle off the ‘Send Message’ permission for @ everyone when you want to lock your server.

You are free to use this permission setup for your own server. This will definitely be going to be able to lock your server more efficiently without having to run a command in every single channel!

But, what if we make it even more efficient?

In the future, we could have a public bot which can edit the role permissions on its own by running a !lock command that locks down the whole server just by toggling one switch — Bot Developers, now’s your chance :)

Stayed till the end?

Thanks for reading till the end! With this permission setup, you can also lock the whole server’s view channel permissions by just toggling the Member roles permission!

That’s all!

What are your thoughts on this way of locking your server? Let’s discuss — this here!

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