Discord is Dropping In-Game Rewards like Twitch

Discord News Sep 28, 2022

In a move that is sure to please gamers everywhere, Discord has partnered with Capcom to reward players for streaming Monster Hunter Rise on Discord.

Starting tomorrow, any player who streams the game for at least an hour on Discord will receive a free in-game item. This is a great way for players to get something extra just for playing the game they love. It also encourages people to stream the game, which can only help increase its popularity.
With any luck, this partnership will lead to even more great things for players of all levels.

Sneak Peak at the Fall Fashion Set

Source: Discord Blog

You are looking at the festive fall-themed layered armour set from Sunbreak, the new Monster Hunter Rise DLC, to players who stream their gameplay on Discord.
This sweet scarfed-up style comes with variants for Hunter, Palamute, and Palico, ensuring your personal monster-hunting squad will look both cozy and coordinated. Seems intriguing? Hop in!

Steps to Get the Code:

1.Enable In-game Rewards: Check your User Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards

Image depiction of the option to toggle in-game rewards.

2. Screen Share Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to your friends on a server.

You MUST make sure you’re sharing the application and not your screen. Must be 18+ (or 13+ with parent or guardian present). Limit: One gift per person. Must use a valid Discord account.

3. After exactly 30 minutes of continuous stream, you’ll be eligible to collect your code! It’ll show up in your Gift Inventory on Discord.

The Discord Screen Share drops quest will only be possible with the PC SKU of Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but you’ll be able to choose between Switch or PC for your Fall Fashion Set reward code.
The Promo ends on October 23rd, 2022. Go grab your Fall Fashion Set!

Redeeming Process

1. Head to the Nintendo eShop or Steam to redeem your code on your platform of choice.
 ・ How to redeem on Nintendo? Check this out
 ・ How to redeem on Steam? Check this out

2. To pick up your new Layered Armor, speak with the in-game courier, Senri the Mailman.

You are ready to get back to fighting now!

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