Discord's Halloween 2022 Ringtone Has Been Leaked!

Discord Leaks Sep 23, 2022

Discord planned something eerie for us with the subsequent Halloween event, a spooky Halloween ringtone! Don't you want to listen to it? Of course, you do.

Spooky Halloween Ringtone

In a recent Discord Datamine commit, it was seen that a new ringtone audio file was added. This audio file (see above) is none other than a special ringtone for Discord calls in the spooky season. The ringtone is supposed to automatically start playing between October 3rd and October 31st at 10 am PDT.

Discord Datamine

It's an amazing addition to contribute to the halloween spirit. What else do you think Discord is cooking for Halloween 2022 behind the curtains?

The Halloween Ringtone will be available on Desktop Clients, Browser Clients, Android, and iOS clients.

Halloween Ringtone for previous years

Looks like there weren't any special versions of the Discord Ringtone last year. But there surely was one in 2020. That's right, the golden year for Discord. Here it is.

Discord Halloween Ringtone 2020

Sounds spooky enough. Which one do you like more? Join the conversation.

How to set specialized call ringtones

This ringtone is enabled by default for most devices. To manually turn on or disable the ringtone, navigate to User Settings/Notifications/Sounds in your desktop or browser application.

Your option should be midway through a quick scroll. | Image Source

How to set the ringtone on the Phone

To enable or disable the ringtone on your phone, open user Settings and head on to Sounds.

You should be able to see an option already. | Image Source

Will this Ringtone be available to everyone?

No, last time the ringtone was unavailable to:

Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Israel, Bolivia, Belarus, Venezuela, Iraq, South Africa, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Slovakia, Honduras, Iran, Nepal, Algeria, Myanmar, Kuwait, Latvia, Estonia, Tunisia, Slovenia, Jordan, Nicaragua, Moldova, Lebanon, Oman, Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Jamaica, Reunion, Palestine, Kenya, Brunei, Macau, Libya, Syria, and the Bahamas.

Are you from one of the countries mentioned above? Hold on…

Since this article is being written pre-release we don't have any updates on the country lists that will be excluded this year. This generally doesn't change, but you could be lucky!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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Did you like the new ringtone?

Well, I did. It's so refreshing! I love how discord plans easter eggs and feat- oops word limit... But we can continue at Netcord's general chat.

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