You Can Now Nickname Your Friends on Discord

Discord Sep 9, 2022

Nicknaming people on Discord have been a feature for years now. But this new nicknaming feature for your friends takes the cake. This feature is live to all users and you can now add a nickname for your friends.

Friend Nickname

Discord friend nicknames are a new way of nicknaming your Discord friends. You can now add a client-sided nickname for anyone that you have friended on Discord. It works just the way server nicknames work except for one major differences.

The nicknames you give to your friend will appear on DMs, group chats, voice calls, etc. Server nicknames will still be visible as they are, in fact, your friend nickname will have no impact on the server profile of your friend whatsoever. If you have a nickname set for a friend, it will only appear to you in DMs. The server profiles are unaffected.

How to Add a Friend Nickname on Discord

It's easy to add a nickname to a friend on Discord. Just follow the steps:

  • Go to your DMs with the friend you want to add a nickname to
  • Right click their profile picture on a message by them
  • Click 'Add Friend Nickname'
  • Type your nickname and click save!

Why add Friend Nicknames

Friend Nicknames are a great way to organize and prioritize your friendlist. I have friends on Discord who change their name every other day on Discord. If you have a real-life friend whose name is Josh but is Discord username is SuperCalistopher, you can rename your friend as Josh for easier communication.

You can search for your friend with the nickname you gave them! That's right – this even works in all servers you share with them. You can easily search messages by them in a server using their nickname. Of course it doesn't just pop up as the nickname, but the real username shows up as recommendation.

These nicknames are not visible to anyone. Not even your friend. This feature is very new and still may take some time to appear for everyone. Make sure you are running an updated version of Discord on desktop. Sources say this feature will take at least a week more for it to be available on mobile devices.

And remember, there is no competition between iOS and Android on who gets the updates first. If you have the updated version of Discord mobile, you should get this update at the same time for both iOS and Android.

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