Be Careful Of Discord's Fake Support Articles

Discord Aug 23, 2022

Scammers on Discord have found a new way to trick Discord users into getting their accounts hacked. Discord's Support system has a 'Feedback' system which any member in the community with an account can write a 'page'.

Originally designed for feedback and suggestions, these Community Posts have recently been abused with malicious intent. Here's everything you need to know about Discord's fake support articles/community posts.

Community Posts / Feedback System

Discord's community posts aka feedback system is where you can write posts about certain topics to give feedback, opinion, or suggestions to Discord. These posts are generally used for suggesting new features. And Discord too, gets majority of their next features from here.

This is especially beneficial for them with the upvote/downvote and the comments system. They know what the Discord community likes and dislikes about their features right here. You can post on this forum as long as you have a Discord support account. Which is as easy as signing up for anything. And yes, this account is completely unrelated to your actual Discord account.

Screenshot of the highest-voted feedback 4 years ago
Screenshot of the highest-voted feedback 4 years ago

However, this forum takes a completely different turn with the similarities between their official support articles.

All community posts can be found here:

Discord's Official Support Articles

Apart from Discord's blog (, Discord also has their very own support articles where they post about new/beta features, FAQs of them, and more. You can find their official articles about new releases here:

Keep in mind that these articles are written by the official Support team of Discord. They are employees at Discord and they write these articles to provide official information to the community.

Screenshot of a new-release FAQ article by Discord about Forum Channels

The Problem Starts

This all sounds great for the community.

Until one small issue arises – community posts CAN be indexed by Google and other search engines. It means that community posts (which can be created by anyone, under any name) can be found on any web browser with the right SEO-friendly content.

'Account Appeal Procedure' Case

Thanks to this Reddit post by u/Compositr we learn that a community feedback post was created in disguise to look like an official article from

The fake article was eventually taken down by Discord. However, the link to it was:

Pages like these can be used to redirect people to malicious clones of the Discord login page, chat rooms with impersonated Discord staff – everything new-Discord users could fall for. The scammers will then take control of your account by getting a hold of your login information, account token, and more.

You can easily spot a fake and a real article/post link by looking at the URL.

This is a real article by Discord written by an official staff with authorized, official information
This is an article written by a community member and the content is not approved by Discord

Final Words

Once again, this is hard to fall for but not impossible. But as long as these forum posts are regularly moderated by the Discord staff team, the posts we regain their previous purpose and not be used for scams. Thanks to u/Compositr's Reddit post for bringing this to our attention so we can spread the word.

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