Discord Will Soon Start Showcasing Your Server's Top Emojis!

Discord Oct 2, 2022

From a screenshot posted by big nutty#0001 , we get a glimpse of a feature that would highlight the top and new emojis on a server.

Without any further ado, let's hop into it!

We see two distinct feature additions to the emoji panel under a new row called TOP EMOJIS over FAVOURITES or FREQUENTLY USED

We see a total of 16 assorted slots for top emojis. Among which some are labelled as “New” and the others are the “Popular” emojis

Source: big nutty#0001

The most popular or frequently used emojis on a server are those without a "New" tag. On the bottom right of its description, we can see a tag. While new emojis were highlighted in a colourful box, these aren't since they are already grouped as top emojis.

New Emojis

Source: big nutty#0001

Sources confirmed that from now on newly added emojis in the server will be highlighted! A green cube with a tag on it clearly distinguishes the newly created emojis from the old ones. Even though it is not certain if the colour of the highlighting cube is constant, from its appearance, it appears that the colour depends on the main colour of the emojis, but we do not have any concrete information on this.

Audience Reaction

Reddit users seem to be pretty happy about it based on what I found out while browsing. The community finds it useful and clean. At the same time, this will auto highlight the newly added emojis hence no need for an announcement for the same.

Protip: Did you know you could do this to the emoji menu on Discord?

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