How to Make an Animated Custom Rich Presence Status in Discord

Guides Oct 9, 2022

An excellent app that had been around for a time, we took our time to write on it. It's been very stable and useful. I use the tool to add more info to my profile at the same time making it appealing to others. It's none other than CustomRP.

This tool uses a discord application and generates a rich presence with a big icon, and a small icon on the bottom left. A Title, description and 2 configurable buttons.

Towards the end of the post, CustomRP's developer left a brief note outlining his vision for the app.

Create an Application

Created a temporary application to show the process.

Head to Discord's Developer Portal and create an application. Name it & copy the Application ID of your application. Remember, the name of your Application becomes your title. You can change that anytime with a re-connect.

Getting Started With CustomRP

1) Downloading the application

Head to CustomRP's website here and hit “Installer” and save the file. Feeling extra lazy? Download directly:


Custom Discord Rich Presence Manager for Windows.

Download the Latest Version

I never encountered a hindrance from Windows Defender. If it does, just disable it for 15-30 mins for the installation time. It's completely safe.

2) Installation Walkthrough

Pretty straightforward. You may or may not create a desktop shortcut.

Configuring Rich Presence

Components and Usage:

  • ID: The code you copied while setting up the Application at Discord’s Developer Portal
  • Details: You can treat this as a description. Whatever you write keep it short avoid using empty spaces to indent since the size of your activity section increases with the change in UI size while viewing your entire profile.
  • State: This can be your second line of description for the presence.
  • Party: You might have seen (1/2) mentioned on the rich presence of games. It is a party member counter. It takes effect when both the fields of the party are more than zero. Not very useful for our case.
  • Timestamp: As the name says, this adds a time stamp to your profile you have options to set the timestamp to show the time since the application started, your last presence update or your local time. You also have the provision to enter your custom timestamp by entering a date in the box below.
  • Large & Small Images:
    Key: This is where your large image’s direct link goes.
    Text: This is the text that pops up on the image when you hover over the text

    You can also upload assets from File/ Upload Assets directly to your Assets section in the developer portal. They generally take some time to update. Then you can press the arrow in the key fields, it should show a list of available assets and you can choose from that. This method is backdated and links are way more convenient.
To use animated gifs instead of images:
Head on to Giphy and upload your gif or just select a gif from their library. Copy its link from the dedicated share button and paste it into the key section for your desired field. Tenor or Imgur didn't work, but Giphy did!
Visit Giphy
  • Button 1 & Button 2:
    Text: The text that shows on the button on your profile.
    URL: The URL you want the user to get directed to.

    When all is done, you can "Connect" your application and yay It's live! and will be until you switch off your windows computer.
    You can connect your application as soon as you enter your ID and “Update Presence” after your desired changes are made to publish your presence.
Turning on Auto Connect from the Settings tab will help you to get the Rich Presence On automatically after a disconnect when conditions are favourable.

Closing the Application

  • You can hit disconnect, which will remove the presence but will keep the app running on your PC.
  • To quit the app completely, you may navigate to File/Quit or in your Task Bar, open your hidden icons, locate CustomRP, right click and close.

Chads switch off the entire computer.

Uninstalling the Application

Finding CustomRP among other Apps

Head on to Apps and Features on windows and search “CustomRP”, you should be able to uninstall the application by hitting uninstall under the three dots.  

FAQ Section

1) How to keep the presence auto-run on startup?

Head to Settings and check the option for “Run on Startup”. I prefer to keep the “Start Minimised” checked since I don't like to have apps popping on my face when turning on my computer.

2) How to update to a newer version of the app?

You can turn on “Check for Updates” in Settings which will send you prompts when updates are available and auto-download updates for you.
You can manually do that by navigating to Help/Check for Updates

3) How to change the application language?

Navigate to Settings/Language and select your language. The app will auto-restart.

4) How do I import or export presets for the app?

  • To Import: File/Load Preset and select your preset file
  • To export: File/Save Preset and name it.

5) Is the application available on Linux or Mac?

Not yet. It is only available for Windows as of now.

6) Why are the buttons not working for me?

The buttons won't work for you, since your account is the host of the rich presence. It will work for everyone else.

Personal Views

I think this is a pretty good tool, given that you can import and export your setup is impressive. I did come across another such tool that couldn't handle gifs and wouldn't allow autostarting. Starting a tool every time you open the computer is not pleasant at all. I have been using this for 4 months now, and rarely disconnected!

A Note From CustomRP's Developer:

"I have created CustomRP back in 2018 because I didn't like what other similar applications had to offer: some didn't run on startup support, some were running through the command line, and some couldn't hide to the tray. The first version had basic functionality - rich presence itself, timestamps (since the start of the app and local time), run on startup and tray minimisation. Over the years the app has grown, with more features and new languages being added. Ideally, I would like to completely rewrite the app in a different, more modern framework (I currently use WinForms), which would allow me to make it look nicer and run better, and possibly even add support for Linux and Mac. Though I can't say for sure when I will be able to release it, as I have a lot to deal with in life, I will try to find time to work on 2.0, so stay tuned!" - maximmax42

My best wishes go out to Max and his tool. That's a wrap for today, hope you enjoyed the article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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