Discord Connections Will Soon Show Account Stats

Discord News Nov 14, 2022

For ages we have been able able to connect our accounts to Discord, but what has this really achieved? Traffic to your profiles? Maybe - if you have high ranks in big servers. Coming up soon, your Discord profile will be able to show off more details about your account - followers, account age, numbers, et cetera. Your little Discord Profile Connections are about to become a hell of a lot more informative!

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Discord have began to roll out a Beta test of another new feature in their mega Connections/Profile upgrade plan - certain accounts you link to your profile will now show relevant details in the little connection card. From scouring the Internet, the platforms most likely to support this brand new update are Steam & Twitter.

Source: r/discordapp (ps: sorry for the flashbang dark mode users, this is the more detailed of the two screenshots i have)

From this screenshot, we can see what this factory-fresh feature will look like. Underneath the username, you'll be able to see when you joined that app, and specific details about your account. Flex away!

Enabling Stats

For the moment, Stats are a beta feature only. Discord are in the process of slowly (and I mean really s l o w l y) rolling this out to everyone. Once you get the feature, you can head over to User Settings > Connections tab and enable the option to "Display stats on profile" for compatible accounts.

Personally, I think that this is a step in the right direction for Discord profiles. They allow people to see more information about your accounts and can spark some form of discussions in text channels. Will you be enabling to show stats about your connected accounts on your Discord profile?

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