Your Discord Community Server Will Never Grow – Here's Why

Guides Oct 16, 2022

Almost everyone on Discord has at least tried to open up their own 'general chatting' servers at one point – and most of them turn out to be a complete flop. But why?

Well, for one, there are just too many servers to compete with. The blast of Discord's growth also means there are more servers to compete with, making the only means of having your server become popular are the members itself which are subjective to who joins and the moderation team as well as the popularity of the server (how big the server is in members). The fact that there are so many servers makes it hard for new, small servers to compete and grow organically (without providing a bribe, like giveaways, which many cannot afford).

The reason many people make these servers is that they want to make a server just for the sake of making a server, without much thinking or a reason for why they want to make a server in the first place; creating a boring server that you can find anywhere because everyone else is doing it; which brings me to my next point.

There's nothing original. The reason these servers don't strive is that they're not innovating against their competitors. It's constantly the same content in the same saturated market, there's nothing new to the plate that would rather the members go to their server rather than any other server that simply just brings in more of the same food. If your server can bring in a new dish (more original features), then people are more likely to come to your server to see what it's all about and will create some interesting hype upon innovation.

Another reason for the fact your community server is likely to not succeed is because the communities that started in the days of early Discord and are pioneering in today's servers will always be dominating no matter what, because of the early starts and successes. They also know how to get people hooked into the servers that they have but gatekeep to other servers, and for that fact, they have more trust.

If you're a big YouTuber, TikToker or any other social media star and decide to open up a Discord server, you automatically get a headstart in the community server industry simply because they already have an active fanbase somewhere else.

You shouldn't always lose hope too quick. There is always a chance that you will succeed in the future. You may get an influential shout-out, or become something big if you have hope, as long as you do the work. But take a minute to think, if you are creating a server simply for the fact to have a server, and it's difficult to manage or no one's joining, then you might want to rethink the decisions you are making, since maintaining a server is hard to do, and doing it for absolutely nothing can do damage to you, your mental health and your dedication levels at all.

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