Is Discord Going Back To 'Gamer' World With Clips Experiment?

Discord Leaks Dec 18, 2022
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Discord is a free communications app that lets you share voice, video, and text chat with friends, game communities, and developers.

Have you ever thought about the question: What Is Discord Mainly Used For? I have. And I found the perfectly matching answer for that. The primary use of Discord is to communicate, with gamers.

But if you look at the current state of Discord, The main goal of their platform isn't clear. Because many different people are building their communities, and hanging out with others. This isn't bad for the company or community. More users are what everyone needs. But what is the main goal of Discord right now?

Gamers And Gaming Community

If you take an in-depth look, most of the users are still gamers. Because we all love to play games. Did Discord do anything special for their "Gaming Community"?

We can't say "No" to that immediately. Yes, they did. But not enough. So, someone named Connor suggested something that can change this not-enoughness in 2019.

The Suggestion...

This is the suggestion that was made by Connor which is really great feature for the Gaming Community. They can clip their favorite gaming moments without any limits, high quality, etc. But this was done 3 years ago.

No reply from Discord. Just pure silence. Until...


An enthusiastic Discord user named messyhunk, tweeted a post on Twitter featuring some screenshots.

This tweet features the leaked screenshots of the new beta feature called Clipping. Is this the feature that Connor suggested?  Yes, this is that clipping feature. But, some perks are missing from that suggestions.

From the above screenshots, you can see that we are able to "tweak everything starting from Hotkey Setup, Quality, Clip Length, and Storage. We can also set up clipping for your Go-Live clips where you decide which layer of connectivity your viewers need to capture the clip.".

These clips can be uploaded by clicking the small + button at the start of your typing area.

posted by Lulalaby

You can search for the clip that you need to send and easily send it through there.

posted by Lulalaby

Also, you have access to change some features however you want under the clipping tab in the settings.

posted by messyhunk

You can change settings for clipping and sharing from there.

Gamers Game-Changer

Yes, this is a game-changer feature for gamers. They have now the opportunity to share their favorite, unforgettable moments of gaming with their Discord friends easily.

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Is Discord Going Back To 'Gamer' World With Clips Experiment?

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