A New Look at Discord's New Burst Reactions

Discord Oct 17, 2022

Earlier this week we got an update from datamine regarding the burst reaction feature rumoured and teased by their GitHub commits.

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Now we know that, that such a feature would be toggleable through a bright toggle button beside your emoji picker, on activating it would expand and grey out, distinguishing the toggle actions.

The burst reaction toggle button

Probably you will be able to add the animation aka burst to any emoji after you have selected the mode. There will be types of animations one can choose from.

Animation Modes

There were multiple animation modes introduced to us in the commit. Here are their first looks!


The emoji you react with shows a blasting animation of the screen.


The reaction appears inside a crystal at first then blasts into a glittery whirlpool,


The reaction behaves like a firework which radiates many sparkles around it along with its mini copies.


With fusion, your emoji divides into multiple small reactions and fuses to make the parent emoji again.



With such an animation, the emoji enlarges and sparkles like a classic level-up/power-up animation.


Here your emoji thumps on the screen resulting in the scattering of multiple stars all around.

Limited Usage?

Well from the nitro icons on the side of the burst reaction button and the commits calling our “Nitro” at several places establishing their connection with nitro.

Commits as seen on Datamine

This might be an upcoming nitro-only perk. If you recall the last article, there we got a counter on our burst reaction picker.

Well, that might be the trial limit of usage limit for the normal users, who knows it might get a weekly or monthly refill!

Personal Opinion

Well am not very sure about this feature since such animations, besides adding clutter to the chat, will also mess up the accessibility of the app, the voice reactions are partially out across discord servers and most of them prefer to keep them turned off in most of the channels. Discord servers that try to make their content accessible globally and even deny using animated emojis that move at a way too rapid pace might just keep this out of their chat. The people on Reddit and Twitter were not happy about this the other day, even tho they support every new feature.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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