Something Called Burst Reaction is Coming to Discord

Discord News Sep 24, 2022

This week, among other discord leaks, we got hold of a screenshot of what seems to be a feature that allows users to add burst emoji reactions to a message

Image showing the new lines that were added to the commit. | Source

In a recent Discord Datamine commit, we spotted a new addition and it seems to be a similar feature that can be found on Instagram where one can add burst reactions to a message to make it stand out. The viewer is surprised by the confetti of emojis in the message upon opening and scrolling down the chat.

There are mixed reactions to this feature, especially on Discord’s Official Reddit Page. The views of people will be discussed later on in this article. First, let us analyze the feature from the leaked screenshots.


Burst reaction menu on the left click | Source
Burst emoji icon for messages | Source

As the above pictures suggest, the feature will be available on your right-click menu as well as a burst reaction icon for every message: normal discord emojis, server emojis or animated emojis since it lets you open your favourite panel.

Discord also seems to be focusing on borders a lot. We can now see a purple frame for the burst reaction selection board after borders are added to profile dashboards too.

The emoji selection panel for burst emoji | Source

But something that confuses the audience is the presence of the “10 Left” indication on the top right corner of the emoji board. While some concluded that this might just be a timeout indicator like the rate limiter in the voice reactions, the following image didn’t add up quite well.

GitHub repository code snippet. | Source 

The user's reaction seems to trigger a change in the variable "count", and the presence of a nitro symbol on the left of the same row shows there is a connection to Nitro perks.

Is it a nitro-only feature?

Those 2 screenshots can't decide that, but we can put forward our deductions, I believe, that these burst reactions will be a nitro-only feature with 10 trials for non-nitro users.

What is the community's view on such a feature?

It looks like users, who welcome upcoming features from Discord, are equally unsatisfied with such an addition. They think this will not only increase visual clutter in the chat but also serve as a tool for spammers or people with malicious motives to ruin the chat’s flow. I personally agree with their opinions.

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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What are your views on Burst Reactions?

We already see mixed opinions on this feature and to be honest, most of them did not like where this was going, Oh you have something to add? Sure, continue the conversation on our discord, and listen to other like-minded people.

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Credits to Wizout27#9376 for bringing it to our attention.



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