The New Upcoming App Directory Feature on Discord

Discord Leaks Sep 22, 2022

Discord bots have struggled to grow all this time. There was no definitive and official platform for Discord bots to be discovered. According to a few Discord Datamine commits, Discord seems to be working on a native Bot library. Today, we're taking a deeper look into the commits and try to understand what this bot library or as Discord likes to call it, App Directory, will actually mean for the users and bot developers.

This content and information on this article about this feature is subject to change. Discord may choose to update this feature before making it public so the information may not be up to date outside of the publishing date of this article.

Built-in Discord App Directory

This App Directory will mean that users can finally find and add Discord bots to their servers without leaving Discord. This App Directory will be a central platform for bot developers to provide their bots and apps to.

The current looks of Discord App Directory | Image Source

It will be a lot similar to Server Discovery – A place for Discord users to find Discord communities to join and a place for server owners to make their server discoverable to thousands of Discord users natively.

The App Directory will feature 10 tags or categories for Apps: Productivity, Creative, Social, Education, Science & Tech, Entertainment, Music, Gaming, Fun, Admin. Which category does your bot fall into?

Discord & Music Apps

Discord seems to have an unusual interest towards music bots all of a sudden.

Discord might make it easier for developers to obtain music for developers. It's hard to predict anything at this point but I would love to hear your opinion on this.

App Directory – Profiles

What features will the actual bot profiles have? How will they look like? Let's check!

The actual profiles look quite pretty in my opinion. The Add to Server button is at the perfect place. The profiles will also feature 4 pages to describe the bot better using sections. The four pages are –

  • General: The main information, description about the bot, commands, etc.
  • Images: Media files, screenshots of commands, provided by the bot developer
  • Premium: Built in premium subscription features for bots and developers with a 90:10 revenue split users and Discord respectively
  • Privacy: Permission settings for the app to function correctly
Privacy page for bot profiles in App Directory

App Directory – Premium Subscriptions built in

It was rumored that a built in premium subscriptions feature will be available to Discord bots and bot developers to provide exclusive features for paid members of a particular bot.

Well, now it seems to be true and it will be integrated with the profile page of bots in the App Directory.

Premium tab for bot profiles in App Directory | Image Source

The revenue split between the bot developers and Discord is presumed to be 90:10 since this is the split for server subscriptions.

You can make premium tiers for the bot with a custom price that people can subscribe to. You can provide exclusive benefits for the premium subscribers and hopefully limit commands or features with an API update.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about this App Directory feature? Depending on how this functions, it can be a bane or a boon for the developers. However, here are a few things to consider first.

  • Since this is a native app directory built into the client, there probably won't be a search engine indexing feature. That means your bot will not appear on Google or any search engine because the content is locked behind a Discord account.

    That means it's not worth it to completely switch from already popular bot directories and platforms like and DiscordBotList since these services do allow Search engine indexability.
  • Next, do you think there will be an approval system for Discord bots to appear in this directory? I assume it isn't as simple as clicking a button called Add to Directory and that bot developers have to manually submit the Discord bot. Which then will be reviewed by Discord.

    If this isn't the case, the app directory can be abused horribly and there will be a lack of original, safe, and useful content because the good ones will be buried down by decoys and duplicates.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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App Directory vs – Which one?

Are you excited for this upcoming feature? What do you like or dislike about the feature so far? Join the conversation and let's discuss.

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