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Discord News Oct 21, 2022

Discord on Monday announced a suite of new features, which will let users of the social media app host activities like watching a YouTube stream together, or host a social game like poker in the client itself. There’s also an app directory coming to the client to make installing useful applications to your server easier, a new lower Nitro tier, and a few other interesting additions.

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They are launching a new App Directory today where server owners can find a one-stop shop for ways to build out their server to their liking. The app directory will include everything from music bots to moderation tools, with a wide variety of options available for free and for purchase via premium app subscriptions from within the platform.

This is a big move for Discord, which has been growing steadily in popularity since its launch in 2015. The company says that its app directory is meant to make it easier for server owners to find the right tools for their needs, as well as give developers a way to reach a larger audience for their products. The Discord App Directory is launching with a collection of over 100 bots and apps, including popular bots like Dyno Bot and MEE6, and popular apps like Server Stats and Polls.

The App Directory can be accessed from the Server Settings to anyone who has 'Manage Server' Permission
A look of the bot menu page.
A bot page ( in this case Dyno )

Discord will also begin allowing a small cohort of hand-picked developers to sell premium app subscriptions from within the platform. Anyone can opt to pay for premium app features when the app directory is live and developers can sign up for a waitlist to get their own premium perks listed, but the test is fairly limited for now.

This symbol indicates that the app/bot contains some premium features

Can I add my Bot on the App Directory ?

The new tabs (product Page and Discovery Status) are only visible if you have already received verification for your app. If you are unverified or if your verification request is pending, you will not yet be able to view these tabs.

If you are able to see that tab then , enable your app to be included in the App Directory, you will need to opt-in by clicking the “Enable Discovery” button at the bottom of the Discovery Status tab in the Developer Portal.

If you’re a Discord user, be sure to check out the new App Directory and see what’s available! And if you’re a developer, this is a great opportunity to get your products right in front of your target audience.

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