The Exhilarating Update for Android Users

Discord Aug 2, 2022

Discord has finally made Android users delighted with an upcoming update to the platform on Android. They have re-built the platform using the React Native Dev Framework. It brings various benefits revolving around new features, and quick update releases.

Discord has promised some important improvements which will be released in a few weeks.

  • Feature consistency across platforms through a centralized and streamlined app development process across Android, iOS and desktop
  • Faster app update release cycles when a new feature is introduced or a pesky bug is fixed thanks to a more consolidated process (taken from the official discord blog)

The update also makes sure to make Discord more aligned and responsive to the Android Platform. Android users installing the app for the first time will be welcomed with a larger font within the app which is more stable with iOS, and the people who were already on the platform will have the option to switch back

Why was this update made?

Discord had to make this desirable update due to delayed updates on the Android Mobile Platform which was released on other platforms like iOS, and Desktop PC. When discord announces a new update, you may have seen a notice stating that Android Support will be coming soon. This made Android Users wait for it to get released on their platform patiently

React Native development framework is able to create a better experience for all the users making Android Users get updates faster and smoother.

And that's it, want to install discord on Android too? Well, you are encouraged to do so! Head over to the play store and download it on your Android Device. Discord automatically gets updated if you are already there on the platform after a few weeks when it is initially released. Have fun!

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