Discord Admin Community — Everything You Need To Know

Discord Jul 5, 2022

Discord has recently been working on a special official community server made just for community builders and leaders. Learn more about it here, how you can get in, and how to know which server is official.

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What is Discord Admin Community

Discord Admin Community, or DAC for short, is a space for community owners, admins, and moderators to come together and discuss the subject matter of community management.

According to Discord themselves, “Here you can learn more about features, use best practices, and meet other members who want to improve their communities!”

Here, you will find help regarding anything related to community building and management. That is, server insights, resources, moderation, safety, and even coding & bots.

Join Requirements

Joining the admin community is very simple, in fact, the requirements are pretty simple. Here’s what they are.

  • Have at least 500 members in your community
  • Server has to be at least 3 months old
  • Community feature must be enabled
  • Have at least a 40% monthly member retention rate

Can only Admins join the community?

No. The community is open to anyone who has MANAGE SERVER permissions in the server. Given that, the concerned server meets all the requirements.

There, the server will open to the owner, the administrators, the moderators (if they have MANAGE SERVER permissions). In essence, anyone with that permission in a qualified server may join the admin community.

How to Join Discord Admin Community

To join the Admin Community Server:

  • Go to your Server Settings
  • Click on “Overview” In the Community section
  • Click “Join Discord’s Admin Server”

The only way to join Discord’s Admin Server is via desktop, there are no ways to join it through the mobile app — yet.

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How to identify the real server

If you ever come across a server posing to be Discord Admin Community, check for the VERIFIED symbol next to the server name. The official community is a verified server with a check mark to help you identify it better.

It is most likely that you will never receive a DM about it, but in case you do, look for the SYSTEM tag beside the username. Moreover, here’s an article to help you identify official Discord messages.

How To Tell If A Message Is Officially From Discord

With the rise of Discord scams in the platform recently, many new Discord users are having trouble knowing whats real…


That’s all

What is your opinion on the Discord Admin Community? Let’s discuss more — here!

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