The New Active Developer Discord Badge

Discord News Nov 13, 2022

A week ago, Discord opened a new badge for new Discord developers, who have at least 1 bot which is usable. The badge is easily obtainable, and already many people have started obtaining it. Here is everything you need to know about it.

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On the 11th of November, Discord introduced a new badge called the 'Active Developer' Badge. The badge shows 2 opposite angular brackets with a greenish background color.

The Badge is available to any developer who has

  • One active Discord bot
  • With atleast one global-slash command
  • Must have been used by a user in the past 30 days

How do I get it?

Go to your developer portal and you will see a prompt message to claim your badge

Next, select your app which represents that you are an active developer

Discord is also offering developers to subscribe to a channel in their official bot support server to get news about the Discord API and Developer News directly into the server.

Once entered, click claim, and you will receive a success message.

Go to your Discord tab and click on your profile, and you will see a badge like this. If you aren't able to see it, refresh the page and you should be able to view it.

How to Get Discord Active Developer Badge Fast?

Whenever Discord badges get announced, it doesn't take long for them to be abused. However the case for this one is a little different. There are many YouTube videos already out on this topic. Thanks to hackermon#3582 for reaching out to us, we know about their GitHub repository which tells you how to obtain the badge even if you're a beginner programmer.

Check out the repository here.

GitHub - hackermondev/discord-active-developer-badge: Simple script you can use to get the new Discord “Active Developer” badge
Simple script you can use to get the new Discord "Active Developer" badge - GitHub - hackermondev/discord-active-developer-badge: Simple script you can use to get the new Discord "A...

What about the team members co-working on the bot?

Yes, if you are working for a bot as a team, and you are a team member, you can obtain the badge if the bot you're working for meets the requirements. Sources say that even if the team member is removed from the Discord team, the badge will stay. However it has been claimed that it may change in the future.

Is the badge the same as the Early Verified Developer badge?

No, the Early Verified Developer Badge is completely different from this badge and it won't be similar to it. The old badge is for verified bot developers who got their bots verified before August 2020. This badge is for any developer who owns a bot. It doesn't require the application to get verified.

Although Discord made its way to encourage users to get into Discord development, the badge looks a little awkward when displayed on a user profile. According to my opinion, the badge stands out in an odd manner along with profile themes and Discord's default profile color
The badge doesn't make a developer unique. It indicates that the user is an active developer even when some people just create a bot in the developer portal and use a slash command builder and make a simple slash command and make it function. This gets them the badge without any effective work.

Discord opened a new badge for a user profile after a very long time. People are easily able to obtain the badge, by just creating a bot and registering a simple slash command for it. In simple words, we could say that Discord boosted its encouragement towards bot development on the platform.

A word about why the bot is so easy to obtain:

"We have received a lot of questions about why the badge isn't restricted to verified bots, or bots in X amount of servers, or something to make the badge more difficult to obtain.

A lot of users seem worried the badge is too easy to get, or that people will download a bot from GitHub just to get the badge. For the record - getting the badge this way is valid and should be encouraged! Everyone starts learning programming in different ways.

We should not judge people for how they start bot development, we should instead welcome them into our community and encourage them to continue learning however they want They will have learned about creating a bot on Discord, they will have learned how to get a bot online and run a program, and will have learned about configuring that bot.

Their intent to get the badge doesn't disqualify the learning that happened, and we should help them continue their journey as new developers. This badge is meant to be for everyone and we want it to be easy to obtain! If someone uses it to learn about programming and bot development, then it is has been a resounding success"

From Discord Staff Desch#3091 at the official Discord Developers server.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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