Pause All Invites in A Discord Server in One Click!

Discord Sep 5, 2022
Disable Discord invites and stop members from joining in one click using this new feature.

Discord added a new raid protection tool to help you block incoming members from joining the server temporarily. Though this might seem like a small feature to add, it will be a massive help for users and server admins alike.

Let's go over the facts, the purpose, and questions you might have over this upcoming Pause Invites button.

Pause Invites button is a new settings that will let server admins completely stop the influx of new members temporarily. This tool is small by itself but really helpful for managing communities on Discord.

Server Settings > Invites

Pause Invites Button

Pause Invites button in server settings to pause all invite links
Re-enabling invites in server settings

All Discord servers are bound by an invite link. After a little advertising on other platforms, your invite link is public to the world. Anyone can join your Discord server with it.

It is common knowledge that raiding is popular on Discord. Server raiders use fake automated accounts to mass-join your Discord server (again, using invite links) and spam unfriendly content. This can be hard to handle.

It is time-consuming to check which invites these botted accounts are joining from then going to server settings > invites > revoke particular invite. This way, not only will you lose the invite forever, you will also lose the statistics of the invites from that particular invite made by that particular person.

Instead what you can do with this new feature is pause all invite links to your Discord server with one click. This means that all the invites will retain their information, they will exist, but they will prevent new users from joining until you re-enable it.

This is what it looks like if you try to join a server with paused invites:

Keep In Mind

  • Permission limits for this feature are users with the MANAGE SERVER permission.
  • When invites are paused, there are no indicators on the server interface. There is just a yellow warning on the Invites page in settings. The warning doesn't do justice to the significance of a paused invite scenario where you aren't aware. You could lose a lot of potential high-quality members.

Check out Discord's official FAQ article for more information.

It doesn't seem like the feature is out for everyone. However, I am sure the majority of the servers with Community Features enabled have access to this feature. If not, expect to get it soon and start disabling invites in your Discord server.

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