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Default Channels Are Coming To Discord

Discord Jul 21, 2022

With the influx of all the new upcoming Discord features/experiments, it is great to see some features that are so innovative it may change the Discord community game forever.

This feature is not confirmed to be released and not publicly mentioned by Discord anywhere. It is only accessible through the experiments tab, accessing which is against ToS. We do not encourage anyone to go against the terms of service of Discord, please enjoy this article for educational purposes only.

Since Discord never mentioned anything about Default Channels at all, we have to take our guesses on this and whatever we see on the screenshots. It is worth noting that if this feature ever decides to be finalized and gets taken into the Beta program, things may look different.

From Reddit

Discord Default Channels:

Default Channels will solve many issues with the current channel system on Discord. It will help new server members navigate through your server. It will help community managers to organize channel list with primary and secondary channels.

But let's see exactly  what it is and exactly which problems it is going to solve, how it is going to do it, and what kind of problems we might face with the feature.

On top of the screenshot, the developers of the feature have provided a small description of the feature.

Set default channels every members should see in their channel list when they join. We recommend hiding channels that are not useful to most people. Members always can add more channels later in the Channel Browser.

"a replacement for role-accessible channels"

To be fair, Discord is right on this. A new user probably gets overwhelmed on a server with a lot of channels. Channels that may not be useful or interesting to everyone. But that does not mean removing them entirely because some people still do. For this, Discord is adding Default Channels.

This feature will let you set certain channels that are the only channels visible to members as soon as they join. From there, users will be able to select channels they want to be a part of. Ultimately, channels which they get notifications of.

Of course, the idea is great. This is going to entirely replace our old systems of going about something like this.

Accessing extra channels have always been done with reaction roles. Just choose which channel or category you want to unlock and there, you have access to it. With this huge update, people will be able to natively decide which channels they want to be a part of, without the involvement of 3rd party applications.

We have yet to see how the channel selection menu looks like for the user. Or however the channel selection is going to work out.

Let us know your thoughts on this experiment. Should it become a real feature? What else would you like to be added on this?

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