Curating Your Own Channels is Everything Discord Servers Needed

Discord News Dec 1, 2022

Finally, Discord has released some pretty good beta features that affect how you use Discord servers. The introduction of Browse Channels to a small number of servers demonstrates the direction that Discord intends to take with its upcoming features.

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What's Going On Discord?

We saw that Discord is trying to remove Bots by adding their own systems to the platform. Such as releasing their own auto-moderation system. We've written many articles on this before, which you can check out here.

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Yes. Discord didn't end there. Now, they released their own channel management too for the server users. So...

What is This New Feature?

If you are a member of, you'll likely notice that there are some changes in the new channel structure.

There is a new menu option called "Channel & Roles" in the channel view and if you click on this, you'll be met with something like this:

The first selection is about customizing your server roles. But in the second tab, there is "Browse Channels".

So, what browse channel allows us to do?

That feature can be used to select channels that we want to show us in our channel list. This allows you to go through and select which channels that you actually care about.

You can toggle the little blurple box according to your preferences.

This can be really helpful for the server community member. Because using this build feature, it is now easier for people to choose to participate in just the conversations they're interested in.

This feature is still in BETA. But if you need to get a user experience, you can check out Discord's official town hall server.

The problems it solves... and creates

Let's talk about user experience. As a regular member of a Discord community, you will soon retain the right to choose which channels you view and choose to take part in.

As a community manager or owner, you will have the options to make a handful of 'default channels' which cannot be selected off or disabled by members.

What are the most annoying type of channels in a Discord server? To answer that question, many users who participate regularly on a large Discord server would say promotional channels. Promotion channels where the community admins post advertisements of servers they've partnered with.

They might do so, to avoid the frequent un avoidable pings leading to having those channels hidden by the user. Doing this will lead to poor performance of advertisement campaigns and interrupt the cash flow since no one wants to advertise.

This could lead to the downfall of entire marketing brands and the inter-Discord community of advertisers and large servers where people buy ads from.

But that's just one way this feature could harm the users and community of Discord. What more ways can you think of?

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure to join our official Discord server to discuss further on this topic or suggest new articles!

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