You Can Create Friend Links for Your Discord Account

Tips & Tricks Nov 29, 2022

A recent trick has surfaced on Discord that allows you to create invite links, but instead of for a server, you can create an invite link people can use to add you. This is a very intriguing new trick, so let's dissect it here on Netcord.

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DISCLAIMER - Please read in full

This is technically against Discord's TOS. This article is made for educational purposes only. All screenshots provided in this article were taken on an alt account using Chrome Incognito Mode, purely for the educational purpose of this article. We do not recommend trying this on your main account. Netcord does not endorse violating the Terms of Service, and Netcord accepts no responsibility for any punishment received by the individual for trying this at their own risk.

Similarly, although this article involves pasting into the console, I can guarantee it will not hack your account. I do not know how to hack, and what's more, Netcord Management would not allow this article to be published if it contained any sort of threat to the user.

Boring disclaimer aside, let's get into it.

There is a GitHub Gist that exists with the code required to create your friend link. By heading over to the website below, you will find a string of code

Discord friend invite link generator
Discord friend invite link generator. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Copy the code labelled New into your clipboard. Or, alternatively, to bypass GitHub. find it below the image.

Make sure to copy the code in the Red box for this to work.

Then, head back over to Discord (hopefully on your alt account), and click CTRL + SHFT + I to open up Inspect Element tools.

You will have to be using Discord Canary or a Web Browser to be able to open this menu.

Then, simply look for the Console tab, and paste in the code you just copied.

Look for the Console tab in the nav-bar at the top 

Pasting the code from GitHub in will generate a unique invite-style code in the sort of Cyan colour, that you can copy and add to to get your unique Friend Link. For example, my alt account's is

Don't try friend requesting this account, I have friends and DMs off.

Your Friend Invite Link will be valid for 5 uses or 7 days, whichever comes first. After that you will have to regenerate a new code to continue utilising this feature.

During my research, I found that many people are in favour of this feature. I saw people who thought it would be an easy idea to add to sites like Carrd or bios on apps like Twitter to make it easier for people to add them.

When Was This Created?

Friend Links first surfaced in this post on r/discordapp 6 months ago.

Discord is adding DM invites!? from discordapp

This user Abham managed to find this feature, and assumed it to be a Discord Experiment. Does that mean this will be a public feature soon? I hope so.

Only recently though has this become a mainstream recognised feature. It was discovered recently by No Text To Speech over on his Tutorials Channel showing how to

He breaks the article down into very simple terms, so if you are unsure of what to do, check out his video for a more simple tutorial.

That's it for today's article; I hope you enjoyed reading it. Make sure to join the Netcord HQ Discord Server today to discuss today's topic further, or even suggest new articles that we could possibly write in the future. Epic out ✌️

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