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Discord Sep 16, 2022

While Discord works hard in their app updates and for new features, it can take a while to actually get to use these features in a polished state just by suggesting it. Luckily we have the creative Discord community doing its job. There are some amazing concept features/mockups made on the community-ran r/Discordapp subreddit.

And today we are looking at some of the best concept features for Discord made by the community. The appropriate graphic artists are credit if featured, feel free to reach out for any queries.

Native Ban Appeal Form by u/koro_baka

Users are getting banned on Discord all the time. Many of these bans actually can be given for a false reason, bot malfunction, or a simple misunderstanding amongst the staff. Platforms and general communities often give people a second chance to redeem themselves or appeal for their punishment.

That's why u/koro_baka brings you a special treat.


So the concept of Ban Appeals have existed since the dawn of communities. So far, community managers have been using Google Forms, a separate Appeals server, or a custom Bot to handle appeals of bans or punishments.

But with a native built in appeal form builder, the possibilities are endless. It would need yet another permissions called MANAGE BAN APPEALS for staffs to see this panel in the server settings. I also like how the creator thought of where the appeal button would be – invite link really does seem like the perfect spot for it.

Upon clicking it, it would be a typical Modal form as Discord. But how should submitted appeals appear for for the admins? I can see a tab right above the current one in the screenshot.

Call Confirmation Prompt (Added) by u/KriykoBq

One of the most annoying accidents or misclicks across the Discord UI is accidentally calling someone. A simple (yet one of the most upvoted concept) solution to this issue is a confirmation window when calling someone.

Concept: Call Confirmation Prompt | Source

Not long ago, Discord actually silently pushed this feature to our app clients and seems to be on a roll out.

Why is Discord asking me to “enjoy the moment?” from discordapp

Pin Conversation by u/jimijs

Discord is very social. Your DMs can be flooded at any time especially if you're a mod at a large server with open DMs. It can be hard to keep track of your important DMs from friends, family, or work.

Image Source

It would be great if we could pin 1-3 conversations at the top of your DM list. There would be a small indicator at the side showing that its a pinned conversation. Except it would be smaller and would look better than the concept. Though, I love the approach.

Image Carousel by u/Jonasuwu

One of the most annoying things about sharing media in Discord is the amount of flooding that happens just by dropping a few media. It would be really nice if we could have a carousel system when we upload multiple images like Reddit's carousel, Instagram's or even just a simple collage like WhatsApp does.


Voice Messages by u/ArtemusChannel

Again, this is an amazing concept that will revolutionize communication and audio sharing. Audio sharing on Discord is a terrible experience in its current state. We cannot play any audio files from the mobile app – we have to download it then listen to it from an external audio player app.

I think this is an amazing concept for short voice messages because sometimes we all feel like not typing. One ways Discord could go about improving this is live transcribe for the audio being played like Twitter. Live captions will be so much more accessible for people with hearing disabilities.

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