These Discord Bots Are A Must Have For Any Premium Server

Discord Bots Nov 10, 2022

Discord used to be a platform solely focused on making it easier for gamers to communicate, but the platform has grown and evolved into a place that is great to build a revenue-generating business. With this, Discord Bots are great tools! They allows users to simplify and streamline workflows on Discord, and make usually tedious tasks like moderating feel simpler, easier and more convenient.

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Discord Bots come in all different shapes and sizes, and can provide members with greater levels of fun and enjoyment when interacting with the server. Bots provide so many cool features, whether it be playing text-channel based games, vibing to music with friends over voice, hosting a community giveaway or banning those pesky trolls, Discord Bots can really do it all to improve your server and take it to the next level!

Finding the best Discord bots for your community can be difficult due to the vast variety of bots out there on the market today. Well, never fear, I've made it easy for you by rounding up my Top 5 picks for the Must Have Discord Bots for any Premium Server in today's article!


Sapphire is a powerful all-in-one Discord Bot that allows you to configure every aspect of the bot, from its ban notification DMs to the message that sends into your Staff Logs. In fact, any message the bot sends is user customisable. It's this high level of customisation that really makes your server feel Premium and unique, rather than using a bland, prebuilt bot message!

Couple these high levels of customisation with the Custom Branding feature provided with Sapphire Premium paid subscriptions, Sapphire really makes it easy to make your server feel more on-brand, custom and distinctive to make your bots instantly look more professional!

Additionally, Sapphire's top-notch moderation features will allow your staff to quickly and efficiently take action against rule-breakers, and the AutoMod feature means that your server is protected, even when you're away. Sapphire's best-in-game Logging feature also means that you can see exactly what actions both the bot and your moderators have taken, making it simple to see all the goings-on in your server.

Sapphire also allows you to set up amazing looking User Assignable Roles, utilising either Buttons or Dropdown Menus to really take your server to the next level! If you can dream it, Sapphire really can do it!

Here at Netcord, myself and @messyhunk have both covered all you need to know about Sapphire in detail in previous articles, so go and give them a read when you've finished reading this article!

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Sapphire is one of the few public bots today that is up to date-with the latest features and comes with unmatchable customizability options.
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Add Sapphire to your server today; everyone will thank you later!


Hydra is a versatile Discord Bot that doesn't stray too far from its roots: music. Hydra allows users to run a command in chat, and the bot will join their VC and play any song requested. This is great for allowing users and their friends to vibe to music in the voice chat, whilst perhaps turning the volume down and having the music play as a soft, background vibe whilst gaming together!

Hydra is a feature-rich bot that allows members to play songs & playlists, find lyrics, skip music and much more. Hydra really brings your server today, and provides an increase in voice chat activity!

Hydra also has server miscellaneous features, such as a Message Builder Tool, and supporting User Assignable Roles. This means that your server needs to add one less bot as Hydra supports these functionalities, and therefore your Premium server looks less cluttered and more luxurious!

After YouTube sent cease and desists to Rythm and Groovy last year, and they shut down, Hydra has taken their place as the best music bot on Discord. It's advanced features, low latency and amazing uptime really make your paid Premium Discord server more high-end.

Allow members to bop out and vibe away in VC with their friends today and check out Hydra below!

Whop Bot

Whop Bot is a must-have bot for sure! Whop is a digital marketplace that allows you to sell paid access to your Discord Server on a monthly subscription basis, and only takes a 3% cut of your profits! Whop really makes monetising your Discord community easy. Not only that, Whop gives you detailed analytics and statistics, so you can really improve your products.

The best part about Whop is that it is completely free to use and it has amazing and advanced features such as free trial periods, event logging, secure payments using Stripe or any Crypto wallet, membership types, multiple tiers, visibility, stock, and tons more. Whop really is the best tool to use to monetize your Discord Server!

Having Whop Bot inside your Discord server inside your Discord server will allow you to keep track of who is in your server, and can automatically remove them from the server when their paid subscription expires! Whop Bot also allows you to catch freeloaders; people who stayed when their subscription ended

@Scemer Jr. made a very detailed article about all Whop's features earlier this week, which I would recommend you can check out below:

The Premium Memberships Feature on Discord Has Some Flaws
Discord introduced a new way for users and specified creators to monetize their community by allowing members access to paid, subscriber-only content.

There's no downside to using Whop Bot - you literally make money - so add it today and turn your Discord Server into a profitable business!

Ticket Tool

Ticket Tool is another must have bot! Ticket Tool allows users to create a private channel on your server to speak to your Mod team and discuss any issues they may be having. Tickets are a great way for people to report users to mods for rule breaking, without having to open their DMs.

Users can react to a message to generate their private channel. Once this channel is open, your Moderators (or any role you customise on the Dashboard) will be pinged, allowing quick access to help for your paying members. On the Dashboard, you can even choose how to categorize your tickets, and where they appear on your server.

Every Premium Server must have a great support team on hand and ready to help, and Ticket Tool really helps to streamline this process and takes the burden off your hard-working Staff Team!

When you're running a large Discord server, your mods may end up feeling slightly overwhelmed if they receive a lot of Direct Messages on a daily basis, so do them a favour and relieve their stress by checking out Ticket Tool today!


GiveawayBot means running giveaways on your server couldn't be easier! The bot means creating simple giveaways is only 1 command away!

GiveawayBot allows users to create giveaways on their server to give away real or digital merchandise in the most efficient time possible! Users simply click a button and their entry is confirmed! The bot then randomly generates a winner at the time specified, and has an included /reroll command, in case your winner doesn't meet any requirements you set, or doesn't claim the prize.

Simplify giveaways in your server today, and check out Giveaway Bot below!

With the large number of Discord Bots available out there today, I may have missed some! You may not agree with my picks either, so let me know; what are your picks for must-have bots for premium Discord servers? Have I missed any? Make sure to join the official Netcord HQ Discord server today and continue this discussion with us! But for now, hope you enjoyed today's article, Epic out! ✌️

Start monetizing your Discord Server today and check out your free trial of Whop here!

This article was not sponsored by, or in any way influenced, by any of the bots featured on this list. Netcord is not affiliated with any bots mentioned herein, and does not accept paid promotion for article features. 

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