Auto Content Moderation on Discord is Finally Out — Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Graphic Design Jun 17, 2022

Today, Discord released Auto Mod content moderator feature to all Discord servers. Don’t sleep on this one because it’s quite important, and your server security depends on it.

One of my personal favorite and most-awaiting beta feature is now available to all Discord servers. This built in auto-mod system can detect and filter out unwanted messages before they’re even sent.

All this time, we have been using 3rd-party bots and applications for this. In the old system, the bots would detect certain trigger words in already-sent messages and would take actions against them. The new auto-mod feature built into Discord makes the 3rd party bots look like a child’s school project.

How AutoMod Helps Your Mods Significantly Better Than Bots

Sure, third party bots and applications may serve well in terms of features. You can set them to log a warning for saying bad w*rds, you can give them a Jail role for all I know. But AutoMod is different.

With the recent update, users are able to set a rule of timeout (mute) to the rule violating user.

However, the ability to punish with timeout is only available for custom-set words. The default given words and quick-setups cannot be punished with a timeout.

In our previous article about AutoMod when it was newly announced, we said that it was a shame we could not punish the rule violating user.

But of course, it was still under heavy development and it probably still is. There will be new features coming in as it still has the BETA tag in server settings.

That was my argument against AutoMod in favor of 3rd party bots — we could log and punish users directly. But now, we are able to timeout the rule violating members in the most efficient way possible. There goes my argument~

To be quite honest, I have no reason to choose content filtering with a bot over the new builtin Discord AutoMod. If you have some arguments why you’d beg to differ, please, let’s talk in the Netcord server. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts.

Features of Discord AutoMod

  • Instant set-up: Available in 3 built-in filters: Severe Profanity, Insults & Slurs, and Sexual Content. All available in the click of a button
  • 0% downtime guaranteed: If your auto moderation system is ever down, Discord itself is also down. Unlike with bots that rely on VPS which may have spectacular uptime, cannot compete with Discord’s own servers.
  • Built-in & easy access: You don’t need to invite any bots, or go to any bots’ web portal dashboard. It’s all for you to set-up and config in the server settings. Especially helpful with new Discord users who may not have much experience with it or bots in general.
  • Response features: You can choose how your AutoMod reacts to triggering messages. Of course, it can block it before its sent, but we have two additional features that I really like: Send an alert and Timeout user. Alert your mods in a private channel in the form of logs or timeout them for 60 secs, 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour, 1, day, or 1 week.
  • Wildcards: By placing a * wildcard character at certain positions around your word or phrase, you can designate those words or phrases to be flagged when they appear in the beginning, middle, or end of other words.

How to Set-up AutoMod on your Discord Community/Server

Setting up AutoMod is really simple and instant. Simply go to your Server Settings > Content Moderation. Tweak your settings exactly how you want to tailor your community.

Courtesy of Discord

Here is a detailed guide on how to set up Discord AutoMod on your server by Discord.

Discord & AutoMod

With the release of Discord AutoMod — such an innovative and revolutionary feature — we finally get another Discord promo video. And Discord did not disappoint us with this one.

We got to see an interesting and engaging short of “Ultramods”. Honestly such a cool name.

Compare with the first looks:

We wrote an article on AutoMod when it was first announced and only a very few servers could access it. The differences are subtle but noticing.

Meet Your Newest Community Moderator: AutoMod Is Here
Community moderation should be a hobby you celebrate, and we want to help you out. We’ll be taking some of that moderation work off your hands and tackling it ourselves: Say hello to AutoMod!

That’s all for today!

Incredible feature. Good to see its finally out on all servers. Ready to accept it as a must-have in every server and community I am a part of.

What are your opinions on Discord AutoMod? Let’s talk — here!

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