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Discord Sep 8, 2022

Overwhelmed by all the news on the upcoming Discord updates? Here's a full comprehensible guide to the most exciting new feature you should look out for.

In Rollout (Beta)

These features have been fully developed and is now on the rollout to random percentage of Discord users. More info with relevant articles have been linked.

1. Forums

Forums are a new type of Discord channel that introduces a new type of 'posting' system. Users can post messages and media files just like any other text channel type but these are specially formatted that lets other users comment and like/add reactions. It adds a new Reddit-like environment to enable forum chats for easier and more organised discussions.

2. Quarantined Accounts

New type of punishment for users may be making its way to your account soon. Users placed in “quarantine” are not able to join new servers or initiate new direct messages.

3. Devices (then Sessions)

This new Sessions feature will allow you to manage your current and other Discord login/activity sessions. This is where all the devices that your account is logged in in will show. It shows your current session, the device you're seeing this page in, and other sessions with all the other devices.

4. Pause Invites

Disable invites and stop members from joining in one click using this new feature. Discord added a new raid protection tool to help you block incoming members from joining the server temporarily. Though this might seem like a small feature to add, it will be a massive help for users and server admins alike.

5. Message Requests

Simply put, the new Discord Message Requests feature takes the concept from other social media platforms, such as Instagram, that allows users to preview new direct messages and manually choose whether to accept it or not.

6. Profile Themes

Discord profiles have been updated recently and looks like Discord is adding more customizability. With the addition to Profile Banner (Animatable) and About Me, users are hyped for more profile customization features.

7. Auto-Mod

With the development of new spam moderation tools like AutoMod by Discord, it is now easier for community managers to moderate spam and bad words with the new introduction to Discord's AutoMod feature. This feature is getting new and useful features time to time. One of the best one of which, is the upcoming mention spam filter.

8. Home

A special community “Home” channel is coming to your server. It seems to be the main page and the first thing a member will see when joining a server. Many Discord-Meta oriented servers seem to have

9. Student Hubs

A Discord Student Hub is a place for students to meet classmates from their school. Each hub is only accessible to users with an email address associated with that school. Students will be able to find other classmates that have joined the hub, add their servers to the hub, and find their classmates' servers, all in one place.

10. Emoji Reactions in Voice Chat

Discord recently introduced Animated reactions in voice channels for PC users, not many people seem to have received this update yet! You get the same reaction feature as that of Facebook or Instagram. A sprinkle of the chosen emoji(server static, server animated or normal), is visible to everyone in the call.

Under Development (Experimental)

These are experimental features by Discord that have no guarantee of ever coming out. However these are ones that are the most fun.

1. Default Channels

Default Channels will solve many issues with the current channel system on Discord. It will help new server members navigate through your server. It will help community managers to organize channel list with primary and secondary channels.

2. Role Prompt

This new feature will allow server owners and admins to set up role prompts (More popularly known as self roles or self assignable roles) natively in Discord – no more need for third party Discord bots.

3. Avatar Decorations

A new Discord feature leak has surfaced the internet once again. With this new upcoming Nitro only perk, namely “Avatar Decorations”, you will soon be able to customize your avatar with a profile frame. Learn all about it here.

4. Soundboard

Discord is working on a Soundboard feature. A Soundboard is a fancy UI with buttons you can press that plays a specific sound. Soundboards are very common in the streaming world of Twitch, the voice chats of Discord, and the general gaming community.

5. Nitro Basic

Discord plans to add a new tier of Nitro Basic that may completely replace the community-loved Nitro Classic tier. Discord have had enough of the amount of Classic users and wish to push them into subscribing to the full (more expensive) tier of Nitro: Regular. Their method of doing this is by stripping back the features of Classic, renaming it "Basic", and lowering the price.

6. To-Do's

A feature for only Discord staff – tasklist / to-do list built directly into Discord.

7. Highlights Notifications

Discord has rolled out a new feature that allows users to receive notifications only for the “highlights” of each server they are in. This feature is opt-in, meaning that it is not automatically turned on for users, and it can be turned on or off in each server.

8. Passports

Your Passport won't literally be an actual passport. It is a special way to connect your Discord account with your social accounts to let server owners set special roles that needs this type of verification.

9. Profile Views

New Discord Datamine commits suggest that a 'profile views' count feature is coming to Discord. Discord-datamining commit brought new string variable suggesting the addition of a new feature. This new 'Profile View Count' feature is going to fill the missing 'social-media' feel of Discord – which not everyone may like.

10. Bots' Data Access

A new feature is being tested by the Discord development team where a Bot's data access information will be publicly visible. What does this mean and how does it affect you as a user or a bot developer? Let's take a closer look.

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