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7 Things Guilded Does Better Than Discord

Discord Jul 24, 2022

Discord is fine… I guess.

It's a spicy topic nowadays that “Discord Vs Guilded : Which is better?”. However, many gamers and even community server owners have come forth with concerns about Discord’s security issues.

While many call it a 'Discord knockoff', it tends to provide some features which may be better than Discord. Unlimited emojis and free forever? Something's not clicking right.

Many of the core features are the same like messaging, voice chat , use of emojis for reaction, threads etc. They have a lot of similar features but these did not originate from Discord. These features were first used in a platform called Slack which was released in 2013.

Netcord has written many articles on Discord, praising its features and tools to build a community. It's only fair now to take a closer look at Guilded features that are better than Discord's.

Gradient Roles

Bored from using the old solid colors in Discord ? Well Guilded have Gradient Roles. It lets you customize your role with color combos. Either you can choose from the default gradients provided or you can make your own.

You can also configure them to self assign s to the members automatically. In Discord you need to use bots (like Carl , Dyno) to make that happen.

Source : Guilded Blog

Server Subscription System

It’s like Discord Nitro Boost , but you actually pay the specific server you want to support. Primarily, there are three tiers : Copper, Silver and Gold. You can customize the price and the perks of each tier as well.

If you compare this with Patreon , who take about 5- 12% of the commision with them whereas Guilded just takes 2.5% of the fee. As of me writing the article, this feature is in the Beta stage in Discord where only communities are being given this feature.

Source : Guilded Blog

Enhanced Home Pages with many features

It's like the main page where users start when they join a server. You can see what all is happening in the server without even opening channels. These include Upcoming events , applications , and announcements.

This is not what you are thinking it is. No, it is not the staff applications or the partnership application form. It’s like Discord Membership screening but better.

Guilded Server Homepage

If you want to make a private server, then users fill out this form. You can then from the same menu in the page ; accept or deny, make changes to the questions and share the application link. You can add multiple types be it Multiple Choice, Long Answer , Short Answer , Checkbox etc. I personally like this feature a lot.

Application Setup (Guilded)

The same old feature that Discord has but it has a better viewing and sorting system.

10 types of Channel types

There are usually 6 types of channel in Discord : Text , Voice , Announcement , Stage , NSFW and Rules. But Guilded has really proved their worth this time. They have 10 channels for the community.

These are:

  1. Text :  The default  way for chatting on the server. You can create threads , reply and also make forms and share links.
  2. Streaming : It is a channel where you can join and stream games . A pretty unnecessary channel type , if you ask me. It would be better to have voice chat and streaming in the same channel.
  3. Voice : A channel where you can talk to server members and also make nested voice chats which can be useful for taking classes or interviews ( but who does that).

    They also have a whisper feature where you can talk to a specific member without leaving the channel with just a press of a keybind. A pretty cool feature. Discord should implement this too.
  4. Calendar : This type of channel can be used to host events. YouTubers can announce their next video right from here only. Streamers can put their stream schedule. You can still use this feature on Discord with the help of bots.]
  5. Scheduling : You can schedule meetings and interviews here on this channel.
  6. Announcements : A channel where you can post announcements on the server without using @everyone ( like who uses that feature ? Use Ping Roles instead). The announcements will be available in the overview section.
  7. Forums : A feature Discord has been working on now and has started giving access to  some communities. In this channel, you can have discussions on a specific topic.
  8. List : This channel can be used to make servers organized by adding to dos , work list and upcoming tasks or features.
  9. Docs : You can make docs and members can view and edit and even comment on the docs.
  10. Media : phew. The last channel. You can use this to post images, videos , and gifs. You can also share clips of your cool 100 IQ plays.

No Nitro type Restrictions

There are no premium features on Guilded. There are no restrictions. You can have an Animated Profile Picture , send media and files upto 200 Mb whereas in Discord you can only send upto 100 Mb if you are a Nitro User and 8 Mb if you are a normal user. You can stream at 60fps with highest possible quality and voice channels have higher bitrate for better communications.

Customizable Personal Profile

This includes adding your favorite games with your usernames and upload clips and content , describe yourself in the About section and add your social media links. It’s like a twitter profile page.

Personal Profile Page

Tournament Organizer

if you want to host a quiz show or Minecraft Tournament, Guilded there’s for you. It has a inbuilt tournament creator with the brackets and setting up different kinds of rounds according to your needs. This is a recent addition and you may face problems or bugs while setting it up.


So does that mean you should delete Discord and start with Guilded? I suggest you don’t, because Guilded is a new application, their marketing is unfinished. And now that Roblox has acquired them, financial load shouldn't be an issue for them. We are not switching to Guilded because the entirety of our community is on Discord. If you are willing to change platforms, Guilded supports transfer from Discord. You can simply copy the Server Template link and import it in Guilded.

It’s for you to decide to choose the platform. You can try both the applications yourself and then make a well-informed decision. No platform is perfect and no, Guilded is not the “platform” that will overthrow Discord.

In the end I would say both the companies have done an exceptional job in making communication easier and better. Both are amazing in their own way and both has scope for improvement.

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If you want to check out Discord, click this link :

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