Top 5 Utility Bots For Your Discord Server

Discord Jun 4, 2022

Here are some of the best utility bots for Discord that you will would want to add right now.

You won’t believe what some of the most underrated bots on Discord can do for you.

In this article today you will learn 5 of the best (and personal favorite) utility bots for Discord that you need to add to your server right now.

Ready? Let’s start!

1. Channel Bot

Channel Bot is one of the most useful bots in my Discord server. It has a beautiful online dashboard, amazing utility features like locking channels, welcome message, server management, server back ups, and a lot more!

One of the best features of this bot is its feature “Sticky”. You can “stick” any custom message to any channel. Of course it cannot actually stick it but it will make sure the latest message in the channel is your content. Every time a message is sent, it will delete its previously sent sticky message and send another one so it’s always the same message.

This is super useful in raids and other cases where you would want new visitors see an announcement about something in general.

Huge trigger warning alert if you make a sticky in general. People are going to be fumed because it is quite annoying.


Have you ever wanted to build native staff applications forms? Its time to put aside Google forms, you can use Formie to make custom forms using Discord modals.

It looks really good, very customizable and really easy to use. It also has a ton of features that you can use to polish your amazing forms.

3. Custom Command

Don’t have a custom bot? Want custom commands in your server? Use this great utility bot that lets you create custom commands for your Discord server.

Highly customizable, looks very pretty, has buttons features.

On top of that it also has a interesting custom points system.

4. Statbot

The best statistic bots for your Discord server. The earlier you add this bot to your server, the better. It has member count channels or as they like to call it, docks.

It also has an amazing look to the graphs also very useful, even voice statistics. Their premium subscription offers extra features that you can purchase separately so you only pay for what you need.

5. Discohook Utils

If you’re familiar with and use Discohook, this bot is a must for your Discord server.

This bot can add buttons to your embeds allowing you to either turn them to roles or link buttons. Again, super customizable and gives you the functionality of a custom bot and a very good self-roles system.

Besides the bot, you will also find an embed scheduler and threadhook. With the scheduler you can schedule embeds to be posted in your server. This is especially helpful for making announcement and events. On the other hand, threadhook allows you to move Discohook embeds into the threads in the channel.

That’s all for today!

Which Utility bot you use in your server? Let us know — here!

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